College Emeriti

The title of Emeritus Professor is an honorary title which is conferred on retired faculty or administrators who have a long term history of meritorious service to higher education at FAU. The awarding of this title is considered an honor, and is not automatically conferred on all retiring faculty. If you would like to contact any of the professors listed here, please call 561.297.3426 or use the email addresses provided.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Lin, Yu-Kweng M., Ph.D., Email:
Charles E. Schmidt Eminent Scholar Member, National Academy of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Cooper, Robert, Ph.D., Email: 

Fernandez, Eduardo, Ph.D., Email: 

Gazourian, Martin, Ph.D., Email:

Hsu, Sam, Ph.D., Email:

Marcovitz, Alan, Ph.D., Email:

Messenger, Roger, Ph.D., Email:

Morgera, Salvatore Ph.D., Email:

Rhodes, William, Ph.D., Email:

Shankar, Ravi, Ph.D., Email: 

Solomon, Martin Ph.D., Email:

Ungvichian, Vichate, Ph.D, Email:

Zilouchian, Ali, Ph.D., Email:  

Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

Case, Robert O., Ph.D., Email:

Frisk, George, Ph.D., Email:

Gaonkar, Gopal, Ph.D., Email:

Hartley, Craig, Ph.D., Email:

Hartt, William H., Ph.D., Email:

Jurewicz, John T., Ph.D., Email:

Stevens, Karl K., Ph.D., Email:
Dean Emeritus

Tennant, Jeffery Ph.D., Email: 

Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Reddy, Dronnadula, V., Ph.D., Email: 

Scarlatos, Panagiotis, Ph.D., Email: