Ocean & Mechanical Engineering

EOC 4084L OE Systems Control Design Lab
Professor and Chair Pierre-Phillippe Beaujean, Ph.D.

EML 4551 Design Project
Professor Oscar Curet, Ph.D.

  1. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Subsea Cable Surveying Capabilities
  2. Near-Shore Wave Energy Converter
  3. Subsea Mud Mat Drop Test Rig
  4. Portable Patient Lift
  6. Low Orbit Radiation Exposure Vessel (LOREV) CubeSat
  7. Basketball Halftime Show Robot
  8. Sickle Cell Severity Detection Device
  10. The Electromagnetic Oxygen and Hydrogen Device
  11. Portable Hydrokinetic Energy Conversion for NAVY Implementation

Civil, Environmental, & Geomatics Engineering

CGN 4804C Engineering Design 2
Fred Bloetcher, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Community Outreach

  1. KaBodali Footbridge in Eswatini
  2. Coffee Farm & Processing Facility in Naalehu, Hawaii
  3. Corridor Enhancement- NW 2nd Avenue
  4. Florida Atlantic University Honors and Scholars Building
  5. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Water Quality System
  6. SE Wimberly Library Upgrade/Renovations

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

EGN 4952C Engineering Design 2
Associate Professor Xiangnan Zhong, Ph.D.

  1. Endpoint Protection Agent with Common Lisp and Blockchain
  2. Server Rack Component Detector
  3. Software-Defined Radio for CubeSat Applications
  4. Smart Camera for Wildlife Monitoring
  5. Battlefield Optimization for Weapon System Engagement Resiliency (BOWSER)
  6. Message Broker System
  7. Phased Antenna Array Beanforming
  8. Millimeter Wave Radar for Vital Sign Sensing
  9. Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Sensor
  10. Wearable accessibility Aid for Diver Rendezvous
  11. Multiple Drones Coordination
  12. Development of a Self-Driving Car Simulation
  13. NEXTERA Wind Turbine Anomaly Detection
  14. Parking Lot Recommendation System
  15. Wireless Mesh for Secure Communication
  16. Autonomous Collaborative Search and Mapping Robotic Dog
  17. Smart Vending
  19. Aware Mind
  20. Homomorphic Encryption at Scale
  21. Maze Navigation with a Multi-Robot team
  22. CHEATAH An Automatic Cheating Detection System Using ML
  23. Mold Corrections Awareness Tool MCAT
  24. Spatial-Temporal Hot Area Detection
  25. Creating Images of US Navy Ships
  26. Spatial-Temporal Distribution Energy Resource Hosting Capacity Estimation