Senior Design Showcase

Senior Design showcase - Spring 2022

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Voting for the Spring 2022 People's Choice Awards opens on Wednesday, May 4th at 4:00 p.m. and closes on May 4th at 6:00 p.m.

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Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

EOC4804L OE Systems Control and Design
Dr. Pierre-Philippe Beaujean, Interim Chair and Professor

  1. Micro Hydroelectric Kinetic Powered Desalinator
  2. Remote Operated Concrete Mattress Deployment Frame
  3. Robo-Squid
  4. Bio-Inspired Self-Burying AUV

EML 4551 Design Project
Dr. Oscar Curet, Associate Professor

  1. A.R.M. (Assistive Rehabilitation Machine)
  2. WALLEE (Self-Driving Garbage Can)
  3. Rotational Plant Growth (R.P.G.)
  4. La Tortuga - Autonomous Greens Mower
  5. Self-leveling and Disturbance Platform
  6. Autonomous Water Cleaner
  7. Automated Dog Door

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EGN 4952C Engineering Design 2
Dr. Hari Kalva, Associate Chair and Professor

  1. General Purpose Mobile Manipulator Robot
  2. Wi-Fi Speed Testing Robot
  3. ARrViewer
  4. The Sitch
  5. BLOFELD - Data Collection Service for USSOCOM
  6. Post Quantum Encryption
  7. ARES Mobile App
  8. In-Processing App
  9. Personalized Learning Application
  10. Smart Stethoscope for Remote Health Care
  11. HeartHealth
  12. Find Me Geographically (Augmented Reality for Education)
  13. Sports Biomechanics
  14. Leader-Follower with TurtleBot3
  15. Battery less Underwater Wireless Sensing for Ocean IoT
  16. AthleteX Mobile dAPP
  17. Joint Communication and Radar Sensing with 5G mm Wave Signals in the 71-76GHz Band
  18. Fab Lab Login and Database Management
  19. Augmented Virtual Reality for Physiotherapy Patients
  20. Fab Lab Access
  21. Sustainable AI for Wireless Spectrum Sensing at the Edge
  22. Build a Playlist Builder using Django Neomodel
  23. Leader-Follower Formation Control Using Vision and Radio Sensors for Mobile Robotic Networks

Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

CGN 4804C Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering Design 2
Dr. Fred Bloetscher, Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Community Outreach

  1. Boca Raton Fleet Maintenance Garage (City of Boca Raton)
  2. Boca Raton Modern Fleet Maintenance Garage (City of Boca Raton)
  3. S-29 Spillway Structure
  4. Anaerobic Co-Digestion for Carbon Neutral Electricity
  5. S-27 Spillway Redesign
  6. Road Expansion Project NW 4th/5th Ave.
  7. NW/SW 4th Avenue Widening Project from Glades Rd to W Camino Real (City of Boca Raton)
  8. Boca Brightline Train Station and Parking Garage (City of Boca Raton)

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