Fab Lab
Rapid prototyping and small production 

Center for Connected Autonomy and AI
Creating the future of networked artificial intelligence

I-SENSE  (University Institute) 
End-to-end support for integrated SW / HW / Mechanical Engineering

Ocean & Systems Engineering

Freight Mobility Research Institute  (FMRI)
Research on intelligent transportation systems

NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE) 

Center for Water Resiliency and Risk Reduction

Center for Infrastructure and Constructed Facilities

Center for Marine Materials

Center for Hydrodynamics & Physical Oceanography

Center for Acoustics & Vibration


Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Air Emissions Characterization and Control Laboratory

Geotechnical Testing Lab 

Hydrosystems Research Laboratory (HRL)

Laboratories for Engineered Environmental Solutions (Lab.EES)

Materials/Structures Lab

Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Biophotonics Laboratory

Micro & Nanotechnology in Medicine Lab 
Director: Waseem Asghar, Ph.D., EE, Room 408A 
Bidtellect Lab 
Director: Hill (Xingquan) Zhu, Ph.D., EE, Room 507B 
Data Mining and Machine Learning and Empirical Software Engineering Lab 
Director: Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Ph.D., EE, Room 507A
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab 
EE, Room 409
Logic Design Microprocessor and Embedded Systems Lab 
Director: Bassem Alhalabi, Ph.D. 
Mobile and Secure Systems Lab 
EE, Room 410B
Multimedia Systems Lab 
Director: Hari Kalva, Ph.D., EE, Room 408B
RF, Microwave and Satellite Communications Lab 
EE, Room 508
Software Engineering Lab 
Director: Shihong Huang, Ph.D., EE, Room 410A
Tecore Networks Lab - Smart Mobile Computing 
Director: Imad Mahgoub, Ph.D., EE, Room 413

Secure Systems Research Lab
Director: Eduardo Fernandez, Ph.D. EE, Room 410B

Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Marine Systems Lab

BioRobotics Lab

Corrosion Lab

Nanocomposites and Structures Lab

Spine Biomechanics Lab