We play in the deep end of the pool
We play in the deep end of the pool
Student in a racing car
We build it, we test it, we make it better

  Chair's Welcome

OME Chair

Welcome to the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering (OME) at FAU. The department offers exciting BS, MS, and PhD programs in both ocean and mechanical engineering, serving a diverse body of over undergraduate and graduate students.

Pierre-Philippe Beaujean, Ph.D.
Interim Chair, Associate Director of the Center for Acoustics and Vibrations and Professor



Ranking & Accreditations

Best Undergraduate Computer Science

Ranked Among the Best Undergraduate Computer Science Programs in 2021

ASEE Diversity Recognition

Proud to be recognized for our diversity by the ASEE Diversity Program

ABET Accreditation

Proud member of ABET, the premiere accreditation agency for natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Proud member of SACSCOC, the regional accreditation agency of degree-granting higher education institutions.