Senior Design Showcase

Fall 2021 showcase

Experience the Fall 2021 Senior Design showcase where we acknowledge our Engineering and Computer Science graduates and recognize the next generation of innovators who are tackling real-world problems with revolutionary ideas.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EGN 4952C Engineering Design 2, Associate Chair and Professor Hari Kalva, Ph.D.

  1. AI Powered Path Planning for Mobile Robot Wireless Charging
  2. Secure Sharing Online
  3. Fast Versatile Video Coding
  4. Eglin Learning Management System
  5. Gait Tracking and Analysis
  6. Automated Performance Evaluation in Training Activities
  7. Robotic Utility Pole Inspection Collar (RUPIC)
  8. Leap Eye Analyzer (LEA)
  9. Image Acquisition System for Ocean Lander
  10. Weasel Welcome App
  11. Rakkasans Mobile Application (RAKAPP)
  12. Automated Metadata Content Tagging
  13. Orai
  14. Blodfeld
  15. Distruption Tolerant Network
  16. People Counting with Privacy

Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

EML 4551 Design Project, Professor Erik Engeberg, Ph.D.

  1. Amphibious Rover for Disaster Aftermath
  2. Hands Free Feeder
  3. A.D.O.M. AUV
  4. Autonomous Assistive Retrieval and Fitness Bot A.A.R.F
  5. Soft Robotic Jellyfish
  6. Automatic System for Targeting Rockets Ideal Altitude (ASTRIA)

Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

CGN 4804C Engineering Design 2, Dr. Fred Bloetcher, Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Community Outreach

  1. Fort Lauderdale Housing Project (Sunny Coast Engineering and Construction)
  2. S-49 Spillway (Platinum Horizon Engineering)
  3. Karen Slattery Research Facility and School (Ever Atlantic Engineering)
  4. The City of Dania Beach Direct Potable Reuse Project (Trident Engineering)
  5. Karen Slattery Research Facility and School (EcoPlan Engineering Group)
  6. The City of Dania Beach Direct Potable Reuse Project (HydroCoastal Engineering)