Redesign of the City of Riviera Beach Water Treatment Plant

Comprehensive Redesign of the City of Riviera Beach Water Treatment Plant (Waterarc Engineering)


After numerous violations of EPA drinking water standards, the City of Riviera Beach, FL has reached out to Florida Atlantic University’s Senior engineering students for a comprehensive redesign of the city’s water treatment plant. Waterarc Engineering has been tasked with finding a solution to this problem to provide the city with clean drinking water best. We have produced a design that implements a nanofiltration membrane system alongside the already existing lime softening treatment system used by the plant. This system will allow the lime softening treatment plant to stay in operation during the construction of the membrane system to minimize the impact on providing the city with water. By using various simulation software, we have been able to fine-tune the exact type of membrane filtration system that is needed to treat the water coming into the plant properly. Waterarc Engineering seeks to provide sustainable solutions to water purity demands, accommodating communities everywhere, and Riviera Beach could now have clean drinking water.

Community Benefit

This new treatment system will use nanofiltration technology to provide the city of Riviera Beach with clean drinking water. This type of system has proved successful in several cities already and could be the solution to the problems going on in the city of Riviera Beach. With the implementation of this treatment system, the citizens of the city of Riviera Beach could finally have the clean drinking water they need.

Team Members