The miniature advanced reconnaissance vehicle (MARV) is a stealth, amphibious, and autonomous vehicle designed for military surveillance. Inspired by the light armored vehicles of the Marine Corps, the purpose of MARV is to provide a smaller, cheaper, and unmanned alternative in place of the vehicles currently used today. Since MARV is amphibious, the design includes four DC motors and two motor propellers to navigate on land and water, respectively. GPS, compass, and ultrasonic sensors are also incorporated into the design to assist in MARV’s autonomy. A camera sensor is also featured to provide surveillance footage. Additionally, the shape of MARV was designed to assist in camouflage and stealth.

Community Benefit

While MARV can financially benefit the military due to the lower cost of production and its expendable nature, its most important feature is that it is an unmanned alternative. This feature can be crucial in saving the lives of military personnel.

Team Members


Marine Corps System Command, Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry, Professor Hassan Mahfuz