FAU property that has been deemed to be surplus due to it being excess, obsolete, uneconomical or inefficient for continued use shall be certified as surplus by the custodian of the property to the Property Management department. There are various methods which surplus is disposed of.

  • Re-Use by other FAU departments if equipment are still functional
  • Public Online Auctions
  • Donation to Nonprofit Organizations or other state agencies
  • Recycling for electronic /metal scrap
  • Trashed

Department personnel should contact the Property Management department when assets and other FAU property are no longer needed. The Property Management department approves and coordinates the physical collection and final disposition of all excess property from FAU departments. All surplus assets and property will need to have appropriate paperwork filled out and submitted in order to be processed. If a department is looking to surplus computers, proof of deactivation must accompany all paperwork prior to pick-up. These forms and ticket system can be found here: HelpDesk.