25% Tuition Adjustment

Students who voluntarily withdrawal from all full term courses after the last day to drop and add of the term and by the deadline on the academic calendar will be eligible for a twenty-five percent (25%) tuition adjustment.  After this date, students are held fully liable for tuition fees.  Please refer to the academic calendar for the specific dates for each term.

Partial Withdrawal from the University

Students who drop a course, or all courses, after the drop/add deadline will be fee liable unless the drop takes place due to exceptional circumstances.  Please click here for addition information.

Complete Withdrawal Due to Exceptional Circumstances

The exceptional circumstance withdrawal (ECW) must be submitted into the Dean of Student’s Office. Please view their website for term specific deadline dates. For withdrawals after this date petitioners may complete a fee petition and submit to Tuition & Billing Services. Petitions must be received within six months from the last day of the term for which the petition applies.

Click here for more information more information about receiving refunds after withdrawals.