Tuition and Billing Services

Fee Petitions

Students who drop a class before the drop/add deadline shall receive a full refund, less non-refundable fees (such as the Owl Card, and Transportation Access Fee.) Students who drop a course, or all courses after the drop/add deadline will be fee liable unless the drop takes place due to exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances are due to:

  • Death of the student or immediate family (parents, stepparents, spouse, siblings, children or grandparent*)
  • Primary care-giver to ill immediate family member*
  • Physical / mental illness or injury: Illness of a student of such severity or duration, to preclude completion of all courses
  • Military conscription- Involuntary call to military duty
  • Victim of crime
  • University error

Documentation must be submitted along with your petition to provide supporting proof of your claims. Circumstances such as employment changes or conflicts with work hours, relocation of home, transportation problems, dislike of the instructor or the course, inadequate planning and/or course scheduling conflicts or not having met published prerequisites are not considered “EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES." No refunds will be made for these situations.

Fee Petitions cannot be submitted beyond (6) six months from the last day of the semester which the petition applies.

Fee Petition Form

Complete Withdrawal from the University

For a complete withdrawal of all courses from the university, you are advised to contact the Dean of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management to complete an exceptional circumstance/medical withdrawal The exceptional circumstance withdrawal (ECW) must be submitted to the Dean of Student’s office during the semester the withdrawal took place. Please view their website for important information and term specific deadline dates. For withdrawals after this date, petitioners may complete a fee petition and submit to Tuition & Billing Services. Petitions must be received within six months from the last day of the term for which the petition applies.