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Budget Transfer Amendment
Rule Class (BD04 BD01) Amendment Type
Direct Deposit Information Payment Elections
Paystub Payslip
W4 and State Tax Elections Worker Tax Elections
Manual Checks On Demand Checks
Labor Redistribution Costing Allocation
Back Pay Retro Pay Calculation
Cash Management
Posting Rules for Incoming Deposits Bank Transaction Template
CR05 Cash Receipts Entry Ad Hoc Bank Transaction
CR05 Bank Transfer Bank Account Transfer Event
Stop/Cancel Payment FAACHKS Payment Return Event
CR05 Post ZBA Create Bank Reconciliation Condition Rule
CR05 Post analysis fees, cc fees, interest Create First Notice Item Condition Rule
Run FARBREC Run Bank Reconciliation Auto Rec
Index Smart Tag (smart tag represents index and more -
refer to crosswalk)
Organization Cost Center
Account Account, Revenue Category, Spend Category
Program Program
Fund Fund
Chart of Accounts (COA) Financial Data Model (FDM)
FOAPAL Worktags
FGAJVCM Create Journal
FGITBSR Balance Sheet or Trial Balance
Vendor Supplier
pCard Vendor Merchant – A merchant is a non-permanent entity
in WD for the expense module and credit card
pCard Credit Card – a Worker (employee) is issued a
Credit Card in WD.
N/A Catalog Order – A requisition or PO created from
a Catalog existing within Workday.
N/A Punch Out or Supplier Website – A requisition or
PO created from a Supplier’s website external to
Workday and brought back into Workday to
create the order.
Receiving Report Receipt
Workflow Business Process
TA/TR's go to first approver and second approver Spend Auth goes to Manager and Cost Center
Manager, ER goes to Cost Center Manager
Approver (First Approver for TA and TR's) Manager (Spend Auth only)
Expenses-Description Expenses-Memo
Expenses-Type Expenses-Item
Attachments are not allowable Attachments are allowable and encouraged
Delete TA/TR Cancel SA/ER
Submitted (Status) In Progress (Status)
Fund Signer/Second Line Approver Cost Center Manager
International Approver Provost
Comment Field TA Justification Field SA
Comment Field TR Memo ER
Travel Authorization (TA) Spend Authorization (SA)
Travel Reimbursement (TR) Expense Report (ER)
Itinerary Dates Trip Start/End Date
Report Date (TA) Spend Date (SA)
Report Date (TR) Expense Report Date (ER)
P-card (Purchasing card) E-card (Expense card)
Purchase Order Supplier Contract
FAAINVE - Logging of vendor invoice Create Supplier Invoice
Vendor Supplier
FAAINVE - Logging in of vendor invoice Supplier Workbench
FAAINVE - Logging in of vendor invoice Find Suppliers
FAIINVE- Invoice Inquiry Find Supplier Invoices
Open Invoice Aging Payables Aging
FGIDOCR - Invoice Processing History Find Supplier Invoices
FAIVNDH - Vendor History Supplier Payments
Vendor Invoice Number Supplier Reference Number
Approval Process Business Process
Payment Request Ad Hoc Payment Request
FOIDOCH - Document History (receipt) My Receipt
FAIINVE - Vendor Inquiry View Supplier Invoice
Private Eye - Purchase Order Database Find Purchase Order
FPIPURR - Purchase/Blanket Inquiry Find Purchase Order
Research Accounting Datasheet- NEW Award
Research Accounting Datasheet- Update or NCE Award Amendment
Research Accounting Datasheet- Update Award Correction
N/A Award Number
Index Number Grant Number
Account Code Spend Category
Principle Investigator Lead Principle Investigator
Financial Manager (FTMDUND) Grant Manager
Business Manager Cost Center Manger
Research Accounting Analyst Research Accountant
Indirect Costs (IDC) or Overhead Facilities and Administration (F&A)
Fundy Type 20 Sponsored Awards
Fund Type 19 Non-Sponsored Awards (Internal)
N/A Supervisory Org
Classification Summary Job Profile
PAF, EPAFs, Special Pay Increase, etc. Business Process
N/A Personal Profile
N/A Professional Profile
Establish a New Position to Post (PeopleAdmin) Job Requisition
Security Access Roles
Person assigned security HR Partner - Role Based Security
Person assigned security Payroll Partner - Role Based Security
Person assigned security Compensation Partner - Role Based Security
Person assigned security Recruiter - Role Based Security
Person assigned security Payroll Partner - Role Based Security
Person assigned security Academic Partner - Role Based Security
myFAU WD Self Service
N/A WD Mobility