Tuition and Billing Services

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Fees Defined

Application Fee

The University charges a $30.00 non-refundable application fee for Undergraduate, Graduate, Non-degree seeking, and College of Medicine applicants. 2/3 (66.7%) of this fee is budgeted to the Student Fee Trust Fund and 1/3 (33.3%) of this fee is allocated to the department processing the application.

Collection Fees

The actual cost of collections will be assessed to a student’s account for collection of debts owed to the University.  These fees will be in addition to the original balance owed to the University.

eLearning Fee

eLearning Fee is a platform for delivery of on-line education.  Courses that are offered on-line will be assessed a fee in addition to the traditional tuition and fees per credit hour.  This fee is non-refundable.


FEEDS, the Florida Engineering Education Delivery System, is a statewide system in Florida providing access to university courses at corporate sites, government agencies and individuals.  The goal of FEEDS is to deliver engineering and computer science programs to students any place and any time.  Courses offered under this program, will be assessed a fee in addition to the traditional tuition and fees per credit hour.

Graduate Student Orientation Fee

All newly admitted graduate students are assessed a one-time, non-refundable orientation fee.  The fee is utilized to provide orientation sessions to foster a smooth transition into graduate studies.  The orientation sessions are used to communicate important graduate policies and procedures, provide access to university resources for students, and overview of what to expect as a graduate student, and the opportunity to connect with other FAU graduate students.

Late Payment Fee

The University will assess a Late Payment Fee to students who fail to pay tuition and fees by the deadlines set by the University.

Late Registration Fee

The University will assess a Late Registration Fee against a student’s account who fail to initiate registration in the regular registration period. Late registration occurs after the end of the drop/add period.

NSF Service Charge

Students will be assessed a service charge for all unpaid checks/webchecks returned to the University.  This charge will be in addition to the original balance owed to the University.

Orientation Fee

Orientation is a University-wide program for all new undergraduate students (first-time in college and transfer students).  The purpose of the New Student Orientation is to provide programs and services that facilitate the transition of new students into the University; to prepare new students for the University’s educational opportunities; and to integrate students into the campus community.  All new undergraduate students will be assessed a one-time non-refundable orientation fee against their student account.

Photo ID/Owl Card Fee

A mandatory photo ID fee/Owl Card must be paid during the first semester enrolled at FAU.  This fee is non-refundable.  The Owl Card is primarily used for identification, for verification of FAU status and for using University services such as the Library (OWL CARD must be presented in order to check out books), Dining Services (with purchase of a meal plan or talon tokens), obtaining passes for University sporting and theatrical events, for use as debit card, BankAtlantic ATM, participating University shops and other related services.

Reinstatement Fee

All students who have been cancelled for nonpayment of tuition and fees are required to make full payment of tuition & fees, plus pay the late payment fee and the late registration fee.  The late payment fee and the late registration fee on a student account equates to the reinstatement fee.

Repeat Course Surcharge

The legislature requires all Florida public colleges and universities to assess an excess charge if a student attempts a course at the same institution for three or more times.  An attempt is any time that a student becomes fee liable (are registered for the course after drop/add deadline).  This includes “F”, “W”, and “I” grades.  The excess charge represents the full cost of instruction, above the normal credit hour fee.

Transportation Access Fee

All students are required to pay a Transportation Access fee at the time of registration to be paid along with their tuition. This fee is non-refundable. An electronic permit (ePermit) will be issued to each registered student. You may obtain one by going online at

All students including those using other types of transportation are assessed a transportation access fee at the time of registration to be paid along with their tuition. This fee supports the University's transportation infrastructure and increases student access to transportation services. Upon payment of this fee, a parking decal will be issued to each registered student.

The Traffic and Parking Department is responsible for managing parking services on all FAU campuses. All students, whether part-time, full-time, day or evening, Online & Distant Learning, Dual-Enrollment or members of the Lifelong Learning Society, and 60 + Audit Courses are required to pay a transportation access fee each semester.

Tuition Differential Fee

This fee is charged to every undergraduate course and is included in the tuition per credit hour cost. This fee is used to fund undergraduate instruction and support services.