The Settlement desk enrolls vendors for electronic payments, processes check payments, including stop/void/reissue as well as travel reimbursements, in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and University requirements.

The University's ERP system routes invoices to departmental personnel for review and approval and after final approval, the invoice flows to the Settlement desk for payment. 

Vendors are encouraged to enroll for electronic payments versus checks for faster processing.

If you would like to be enrolled for ACH payments, please enter your banking information through your Workday Supplier Portal or email

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Need help creating an invoice? 

Invoices should be submitted to

(NOTE:  Invoices associated with purchase orders must be sent to  Direct pay invoices should be entered in to Workday using Supplier Invoice Request).  For additional details, please click on Invoice Requirements


Once printed, checks are disbursed and mailed the same day.

When checks are returned to the Settlement office the department will be contacted, if necessary, to determine how to resolve the issue.

Request Check Pickup – allows a departmental user to pick up a check.  The Payment Handling Justification Box will need to be completed with contact information or an email can be sent to

Stop payments will be entered to reissue refunds to students, payments to suppliers or to perform payment cancellations (void).  A stop payment for reissue of a check or 'voids' will be utilized when the original check is not in the possession of FAU Treasury or the requesting department. A stop payment can be entered due to:

  •  Theft
  •  Forgery
  •  Error in amount, payee, or address
  •  Non-conforming goods/services, or non-delivery.

Voids – When a payment simply needs to be canceled and not reissued, Settlement will void the payment and ask Procurement to cancel the original invoice.

Please contact Settlement to request a stop payment.

For Internal Use only

Settlement days for the FAU community are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Monday to Friday for student disbursements.

Have questions? Please email:

Other Contact:
Phone:  561.297.3117 Fax: 561.297.2884