Cashier's Office

The Florida Atlantic University Cashier’s Office is the centralized location and point of collection for all university deposits.

The primary function of this office is to provide accurate receipting, depositing, and recording of university monies.
Services provided by the cashier’s office include payments and credits to student accounts, and receipting of deposits from various campus departments.On line services such as MyFau are available for the student’s convenience where they can view the status of their account and make a payment by visiting FAU's homepage at and click on either the MyFAU link.

Important Resources:

Departmental Deposit Form (For Internal Use Only)

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, webchecks and checks. All checks must be written payable to "FAU"; when accepting checks, the following guidelines apply:

- All checks must be drawn on a U.S. domestic bank written in U.S Dollars.
-Ensure check is valid by reviewing check for all pre-printed messages on check; i.e. "not valid after 90 days", etc.
-Review the date of the check. No stale dated (over 90 days) or postdated checks should be accepted.
-Written amount (on legal line) and numerical amount (in courtesy box) must be the same.
- Check must be signed by payer.

Check Policy

Deposits: Departmental deposits must be made in a timely manner to ensure proper posting of accounts to ensure the safety of University Funds. Remote check scanners are highly recommended to facilitate timely bank deposit of all checks received. The department can deposit multiple checks on the same day of receipt and make deposits remotely using a bank scanner.

Transporting Funds:  The transportation of check collections around campus and to/from the Cashier's Office should be kept to a minimum. Money should be carried in a secure bag and FAU Mail Services must never be used for transporting deposits. Contact the University Police for an escort or a delivery of cash/checks to the Cashier's Office.

Contact information:

Phone: 561.297.2419
Fax: 561.297.2195

777 Glades Road
Building SU80 Room 113
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Please mail tuition payments to:
Florida Atlantic University
PO Box 745368
Atlanta, GA 30374-5368