RECORDS MANAGEMENT - Policies & Procedures

Record Storage Procedures

The following is a review of how to box your files to assist with storage, retrieval and the determination of the required retention time for your records. Using these guidelines will help us to serve you better. Partially filled boxes are acceptable, if necessary, due to these guidelines.


All University records that have official retention schedules may be stored with Records Management. This includes most records commonly found in all departments and many records specific to a single department.


Active Records (referred to more than monthly)

Non-records material:

* Extra reference copies of records
* Stocks of publications, pamphlets, blank forms, etc
* Private materials

Please call Tavares Hill, at 7-0311, before sending boxes.


Records must be properly boxed. A complete, descriptive list of the contents of each box must also accompany the transfer to the Records Management Section. Otherwise, Records Management will experience great difficulty in locating documents. Records, which are not properly boxed and listed, will not be accepted for transfer. Records should be boxed in a systematic way (alphabetically, chronologically, or numerically), with records of the same type or series grouped together. Transfer records, including folders (but "NO HANGING FOLDERS," please) from file cabinets to the boxes. When placing records in boxes, it is important not to over-fill the boxes. A box, which is too full, is more likely to burst and not fit properly on the shelving. In addition, lids will not fit properly on boxes, which are stuffed. Leave one-half inch of space in each box for ease of reference. Do not tape the box closed.

  1. Use a standard 15 x 12 x 10-inch records storage box. DO NOT use long "storage boxes or copy paper boxes. We will provide empty boxes of the proper dimension ONLY for documents, intended for transfer to the Records Management Center. 
  2. DO NOT mix different types of record series in the same box. Place only one type of record in a box. 
  3. Use a "  Records Inventory Worksheet" for each type of record. List only one type of record, by year, on the same worksheet. More than one fiscal year may be listed on the worksheet. If all boxes do not have identical dates list each date separately. Indicate if records are grouped by Fiscal Year, Academic Year or Calendar Year. It is required that you list the beginning date of the records. 
  4. See the attached "General Records Schedule List" for the correct Record Series Title.
  5. Type a list of the contents of each box separately. The box label may-be used for this purpose. Then use these lists to complete the Inventory Worksheets. General words such as "Accounts Receivable" are not acceptable without a detailed description. 
  6. Fill out the department’s side of  Box Label completely and sign. Make a copy of the label. Send one copy to Records Management along with the Inventory Work Sheet, and attach the other copy of the box label to the small end of the box, next to the handhold. Please place the label on the side of the box towards which the contents face. Secure firmly. 
  7. Duplicate copies of the same report are to be boxed separately and correctly labeled. 
  8. If the records are not considered master records for the Department/University, please give the location of the master records. DO NOT USE THE WORD "VARIOUS." Indicate the exact location.


When the stored records at the Records Management have reached the disposition stage, a "Certificate of Records Disposition" is mailed to the department. The "Certificate of Records Disposition" will indicate in the upper right hand corner the type of disposition that is to occur.

When you receive the "Certificate of Records Disposition", please review each entry on the certificate to insure that the records listed are in fact due for the action indicated on the certificate. If, all is correct, please sign the "Certificate of Records Disposition" and return to Records Management at the Controller’s Office, Bldg. 10 Room 149.


Request, for the return of records from the Records Management may be submitted as follows: Mail: A completed  "Records Request Form" to Records Management. Complete one form for each file or box you are requesting. If requesting a file or document, be sure to include identifying information in the "Description" box. Fax: You can fax a "Records Request Form" to 7-2884, include your name, dept. name, Bldg. Name, & room number, ext. number, and a description of the record. Person: If picking up records in person, please call extension: 7-4432. Walk-ins are also welcome. When you have finished using the records, please return them promptly. If they are to be kept permanently in the department, PLEASE, forward written notification.

If you have any questions concerning Records Management, contact the Controller's Office, Tavares Hill,, (561) 297-0311).