Tuition and Billing Services

Student Billing

FAU’s Office of Student Billing is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition and fees and other obligations due to the university. This area includes the Florida Prepaid Program, third party billing, and collections.

Florida Prepaid Program

By administering the Florida Prepaid Program, we will automatically bill your Florida Prepaid account for any student enrolled as of the last day to pay of each academic term. Click here for more information regarding the Florida Prepaid Program and FAU. 

Billing Notifications

Monthly billing statements are generated and emailed to anyone with activity on their student account. In addition, to these monthly statements electronic notifications via FAU email will be sent to students for outstanding financial obligations.  Any student with financial obligations more than 90 days past due may be assessed collections fees in addition to the past due balance and be forwarded to a collection agency. Please note it is the student’s responsibility to check their FAU email account often and maintain accurate address information with the university.

Third Party Billing

We also accept authorizations, vouchers, and purchase orders for students who are sponsored by an employer, organization or other third party agency.  Third party students must qualify under the terms set forth under the Third Party Billing authorization. Please visit our third party billing page for more information.