Tuition and Billing Services

Third Party Billing

A student is considered an eligible candidate for Third Party billing if the conditions below are met on a letter of authorization (sometimes called a purchase order, letter of intent, financial guarantee letter, financial support letter, letter of credit or no charge form). 

Letter of Authorization

The Sponsor agrees to execute a Letter of Authorization no later than the last day of Drop/Add Period as specified in Florida Atlantic University’s Academic Calendar. Such letter shall be addressed to the University and shall include:

  1. The Sponsor’s written request to the University indicating the semester for which the sponsorship is being offered;
  2. The name and student identification number of each student to be covered by the sponsorship;
  3. A W-9 form for new third party organization
  4. An address to be used for billing, with the name, phone number, and e-mail address of a contact person representing the sponsor.

The student or sponsor must submit the above Letter of Authorization to the Controller’s Office no later than the last day of Drop/Add Period as specified in Florida Atlantic University’s Calendar, for the relevant semester. The Controller’s Office reserves the right to accept or reject such letters.

Payment of Fees and Fee Liability

The Sponsor’s payment of fees and costs shall be contingent upon a student’s academic performance in one or more courses. Sponsor will be responsible for determining student's eligibility for benefits depending on performance.

Any portion of the fees not payable by the Sponsor or that the Sponsor fails to pay becomes the responsibility of the student to pay on or before the last date to pay fees for that term. The last date to pay fees is published in the Calendar for each term here.

Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to submit this form by the Drop/Add deadline of the term. It is the student’s responsibility to inform their sponsor of the courses being taken, the amount of the tuition, and the types of financial aid they are receiving( if applicable). The student is responsible for payment of any charges not paid by the sponsor

The authorization may be dropped off or emailed to, mailed, or faxed, if an original is not required by the sponsor.

The mailing address is:

Controller’s Office
SU 80, Room 130
777 Glades Rd.
Boca Raton, Fl. 33431

Fax number: (561) 297-0683