The Florida Atlantic University Libraries and the Huntington Library are jointly offering three short-term research fellowships for advanced graduate students. Fellows will spend the month of October 2023 in residence using Florida Atlantic University Libraries’ Marvin and Sybil Weiner Spirit of America Collection in Boca Raton, Florida. They may take the second month of the fellowship at the Huntington Library at any time between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024. While at the Florida Atlantic University Libraries, fellows will meet together weekly along with FAU faculty and participate in academic programming. Fellows will be encouraged to submit a conference panel based on the materials they find in the collections and their discussions during the fellowship period. Applicants will receive $2,500 for one month at the Florida Atlantic University Libraries in Boca Raton using the materials from the Weiner Collection, and $3,500 for one month at The Huntington in San Marino, California. All successful candidates are expected to be in residence for the period of their fellowships at each institution.

Open to doctoral candidates in fields related to the collections (including but not limited to History, English, Political Philosophy, American Studies, etc.) who have completed their qualifying exams and received approval for their dissertation proposal from their department.

Application Procedure
Candidates must submit the following to be considered:
- CV
- Two letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with your project
- Project proposal of no more than 1,500 words including a description of the project, an indication of the significance of the dissertation to the field of study, and an indication of the materials they plan to consult at each library and their plan of work during the fellowship period. Successful candidates will be specific about these materials. The fellowship committee seeks students who will benefit from the complementary holdings of the Weiner Collection and the Huntington Library, which are particularly strong in Anglo-American political philosophy, the American and French revolutions, the English Civil War, and religion and reform movements.

Further information on holdings can be found here: http://www.fau.edu/artsandletters/history/weiner-researchers-guide/ and http://www.huntington.org/research/. Applicants are encouraged to contact the librarians at each institution with any questions about holdings.

 Application materials should be sent to Dr. Ben Lowe at bplowe@fau.edu by November 15, 2022. Any questions about the fellowship or the application process may be directed to this address as well.


 "The Fellowship experience was particularly well-suited toward ... exploratory and framing work.  .... An entire month allotted plenty of time not just to quickly examine and photograph material, but to really peruse it, taking notes and pursuing avenues of inquiry which might not be possible under shorter, more frenetic trips and fellowships.  Similarly, over that month I came to know not just the FAU faculty and staff, but my other fellows as well.  Our daily discussions on archival materials, historiographies, dissertation arguments and public framings were immensely useful in helping me to think about and present my work more effectively, both within my own fields, and to the broader discipline." - Brandon Munda, Ph.D. Candidate, The College of William and Mary


"My time with the Spirit of America Collection provided me crucial access to varied materials and helped me to complete and even expand the scope of my dissertation." - Sean Morey Smith, Ph.D. Candidate, Rice University


-'The Weiner Spirit of America Collection houses several holdings key to our understanding of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century [America.] .... I am very happy to have had the opportunity to engage the texts and collaborate with the sensational faculty at FAU." - Jason Herbert, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Minnesota


-"The Foreign Language pamphlets are remarkable in the breadth they cover, while still offering topical depth – if a subject appeared in one section of the holdings, there were, without fail, related holdings elsewhere.  All told, I made a number of discoveries, both expected and unexpected which will certainly feature in my dissertation, both in terms of specific material and my broader intellectual framings of the project." - Brandon Munda, Ph.D. Candidate, The College of William and Mary

Where Are They Now?

Jordan Wingate (cohort of 2018) completed his Ph.D. at UCLA in 2019 and became an academic editor at UNC-Chapel Hill

Deborah Charnoff (cohort of 2018) earned her Ph.D. from CUNY Graduate Center in 2019 and has been teaching at Baruch College in New York

Jason Herbert (cohort of 2019) finished his Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota in 2022 and became an ethnographer at Seminole Heritage Services in Stuart, FL

Dusty Dye (cohort of 2021) is an assistant director at the Center for Public History at the University of West Georgia