Undergraduate English Program

Undergraduate English Program

Why Major in English

Why Major in English?

As an Undergraduate: Majoring in English means gaining a foundation in critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and communication. Training in the analysis and production of texts demands that English majors are exceptional at understanding situations—the speakers, audiences, messages that make up communication contexts. Because English majors can read situations, they can meet the demands of nearly any context, purpose, and audience, and they can communicate in a variety of mediums and genres.

After Graduation: English majors enjoy a wide variety of job opportunities, as well as career flexibility and security. Because English majors are trained in interpretation, analysis, synthesis, argumentation, persuasion, and expression, they possess skills valued in all industries and levels of employment. For that reason, English degrees are resistant to economic and market fluctuations—excellent communicators are valued in all disciplines and sectors.

Careers for b.a. english graduates: Our B.A. English students go on to exciting careers in a variety of industries— publishing, media, technology, medicine, teaching, marketing, advertising, business, professional writing, public relations, government, and more. Others go on to graduate programs in law, medicine, business, communications, English, and interdisciplinary studies.

Below is a sampling of where some of our recent B.A. English graduates have landed.

Blogger & Food Stylist, Mr. Food
News Producer, WPTV (NBC affiliate)
Political Organizer, Service Employees Inat. Union
Judicial Law Clerk, FL 4th District Court of Appeals
Public Relations Specialist, Denver Health Hospitals
Grant Writer, Broward County
Scaled Operations Project Manager, Discord
Social Media Management, Environmental Nonprofit
Technical Writer, Silver Logic
Sports Editor, Sun Sentinel
Regional Recruiter, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions
Director of Business Development, NewBeauty Mag

Why Major in English

Why Major in English at FAU?

Our Students: We encourage students to make original and important contributions—in our communities, the discipline, and the world. Students develop their own analytic and creative voices through innovative assignments, research papers, one-on-one interactions between faculty and students, and significant feedback on student work, enabled by our small classes and rigorous instruction.

Our Faculty: Our faculty's creative activity and groundbreaking research model a culture of investigation for our students while expanding human knowledge and enriching the arts. Additionally, the Department of English plays a dynamic role in the community, providing a hub of intellectual and cultural activity in South Florida.

Our Mission: The Department of English proudly fulfills its mission through excellence and innovation in teaching, outstanding research and creative activities, public engagement, and distinctive cultural alliances, all within an environment that fosters inclusiveness.

Our Classes: In addition to providing students both a breadth and depth of study in literature (British, American, Multicultural/World) and writing (creative, professional, and critical)—English majors also examine the intersections of literature and writing with culture, gender, and ethnicity. In addition to regular offerings in “traditional” literature, creative writing, and writing and rhetoric courses, we also offer a number of regular and special topics courses that aim to explore, examine, inspire, and provide students the tools they’ll need to be productive citizens and successful professionals in their career fields.

Recent courses include:

Composing Advocacy
Creative Writing and Bookarts
Dystopian Fiction
Ghosts of Irish Literature
Literary Studies: Imagining Energy
Lit/Film: Queer Theory & Cinema
Literature and Social Movements
Literature and the Environment
Literature of Adolescence
Native American Lit & Sexuality
Public Rhetoric and Protest
Queer Composition
Queer Literature and Theory
The Graphic Novel
The Literature of War
The Spy Novel
Visual Literacy: Legacy Projects
Visualizing Race in Lit & Film
Writing/Rhetoric: Document & Form
Writing for Social Media
Writing for Young Adults
Writing Magical Realism
Writing Science Fiction
Writing With Sound

And check out extended course descriptions for some of our featured courses in Spring 2022, and upcoming classes in Summer 2022 and Fall 2022.



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