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Nannette Mudafort F21
Nannette Mudafort M.A. English
Rhetoric and Composition
Nannette is from Bradenton, Florida and completed her B.A. in English at FAU with a Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. She is currently studying to complete her M.A with a continued focus in the field of Rhetoric with goals to grow her career as a freelance writer.
Duncan Teirney F21
Duncan Teirney M.F.A. Creative Writing
Fiction, Science Writing, Haiku
Duncan Tierney is trying his best. He is trying so so hard at grad school. He is going to do so good :)
Elizabeth Saldana F20
Elizabeth Saldana M.F.A. Creative Writing
Creative Nonfiction
After graduating from FIU with her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature in 2017, Elizabeth came to FAU to pursue her M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction. She looks forward to writing a collection of essays centered on parenthood, loss, and grief. Elizabeth enjoys sitting under trees and reading books at FAU and she hopes to graduate in Spring of 2023.
Kelsey Moghadaspour F18
Kelsey Moghadaspour M.F.A. Creative Writing
Fiction and Poetry
Kelsey was born and raised outside of Seattle, WA and has loved reading and writing ever since she can remember. Her main motivation for pursuing writing is to write the stories and the characters that she didn't have as a child, so that other children out there have the characters to look up to that she wished she had.
Merkin Karr Fall 2019
Merkin Karr M.F.A. Creative Writing
Creative Nonfiction / Epistolary Memoir
Merkin Karr is a creative writer, dog mom and teacher from Manitou Springs, Colorado. Attending FAU's Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing program, she focuses on the epistolary memoir. Her work can be found in The Laurel Review, Speciwomen Magazine, The Durango Herald, and more.
Jacqueline Mullen Fall 2021
Jacqueline Mullen M.A. English
Early Indigenous-American Rhetoric and Post Colonial Studies
Jacqueline Mullen is a Florida native and completed her B.A. in English at FAU with a concentration in Multicultural and Gender Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She is currently a fellow with The Center for PJHR at FAU, an Early American scholar focusing on Indigenous Religious Rhetoric, Postcolonial Studies, and Environmental Literature.
Joseph Precanico S20
Joseph Precanico M.F.A. Creative Writing
Poetry, Lyric Essay, Autofiction
Joseph Precanico was born and raised in South Florida. At FAU, he enjoys working one-on-one with students at the UCEW. He is at work on a collection of poems, letters, and lyrics. In the past, he has worked as a content editor for company websites and literary magazines. His writing has been published in Permafrost, PANK, The Rumpus, and elsewhere.
Kennedy Prochak F21
Kennedy Prochak M.A. English
Nineteenth-Century British Literature
While earning her B.A. in English, Kennedy spent her undergrad years developing an appreciation for British literature, particularly the Victorian era and the interdisciplinary study of gender and sexuality. Now in the M.A. program at FAU her research interests are centered around this era’s literary canon and its shaping of the modern day.
Alex Borowsky F21
Alex Borowsky M.F.A. Creative Writing
Creative Nonfiction, Short Essays
Alex Borowsky attended SUNY Oswego and received a Bachelors in creative writing and communication studies. Borowsky fell in love with creative nonfiction, derived from her passion for animals and real world metaphor. She hopes to publish her collection of essays after receiving her MFA, and eventually become a creative writing professor.
Timothy Naslund F20
Timothy Naslund M.A. English
Migrant Studies, Aesthetics, Lit. Theory, Vladimir Nabokov
Timothy is from Margate, Florida, and an M.A. student. Upon graduating, he will pursue a Ph.D. with aspirations of becoming a professor. His focus on migrant literature and cultural value constituting citizenship is to provide a transnational perspective toward national identity in hopes of making tangible, legislative and ideological change.
Rachelle Saint Louis F21
Rachelle Saint Louis M.A. English
Post Colonial Studies, Literature and Environment
Rachelle Saint Louis is a Haitian-American M.A. candidate, born and raised in South Florida. She earned her bachelor’s as a double major in Psychology and English with a Concentration in Multicultural and Gender Studies from Florida Atlantic University. Her areas of interest are Postcolonialism in relation to environmental injustice.
Aaron Guile F19
Aaron Guile M.F.A. Creative Writing
Aaron is from Provo, Utah. He graduated from Utah Valley University with a B.A. in English; Creative Writing. At FAU, he works with and learns from a classy cohort of fellow poets, authors, and scholars. He loves poetry & translation workshops and looks forward to continuing with both after graduation. He has three children and three grandchildren.
Wilson M. Sims F21
Wilson M. Sims M.F.A. Creative Writing
Creative Nonfiction
Wilson returned to the area to be closer to his family and to complete his collection of essays. He hopes to be of service to the students he instructs, as well as his program peers. He lives with his dog, Louise, and she is in charge of his life.
Reba K. Dickson F20
Reba K. Dickson M.A. English
Postcolonial, Critical Race & Monster Theory
Reba K. Dickson was born and raised in Dennery, St. Lucia. She decided to pursue her M.A. degree because she wants to investigate the interpellated figure of the "monster" and their altruicide, in African diasporic literature. Reba hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in English upon graduation, exploring postcolonial, African, and African Diaspora literatures.
Eileen T Winn F19
Eileen T. Winn M.F.A. Creative Writing
Eileen Winn is a poet and author from Cincinnati, Ohio currently working on a collection of poems as an M.F.A. student. They are a writing consultant, as well as the managing editor for Swamp Ape Review, the graduate-run literary magazine. After graduation, they plan to pursue a Ph.D., centering their creative research on trauma and the natural world.
Rebecca M. Peter F20
Rebecca M. Peter M.A. English
Trauma, Archives, 20th and 21st Century American Literatures
Rebecca M. Peter has background in economics, environmental studies, and editing. Upon completing her thesis on dreams and trauma in Toni Morrison’s novels, she will earn her M.A. in English in Spring 2022 and begin a Ph.D. the following fall with the hopes of attaining a university faculty position or working in archiving or publishing.