Professional & Technical Writing Certificate

Undergraduate students at FAU who wish to enhance their skills and experience in the field of professional writing should pursue the Professional and Technical Writing certificate. This certificate offers an interdisciplinary approach to writing instruction and experience, with courses drawing from departments across the University, including English, Communications, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Business, and Public Administration. Elective courses are designed to complement students' requirements within their majors, as well as provide students interested in writing and communication with additional, well-rounded training they will need to succeed in today's digital workplace.

Requirements include a final portfolio that demonstrates students' writing abilities, a required course in professional writing and an internship that includes real-world training in writing.

The certificate is awarded to students who complete 15 credits from the list of approved courses below and the portfolio requirement. The student will receive a transcript notation designating completion of the program.

Course Requirements

Category I | REQUIRED COURSES | 6 credits

Required Professional/Business Writing Course (3 credits), either

ENC 3213: Professional Writing   or   GEB 3213: Communicating Business Information

Required Internship (3 credits), either

ENG 4940: English Internship*  or  COM 3945: Communication Internship  or  Outside internship approved by the PTWC director

* Communication Internship info, contact Dr. Walter Burton
English Internship info, contact Dr. Wendy Hinshaw

Category II | ELECTIVE COURSES | 9 credits

CRW 3010: Creative Writing
ENC 2248: Writing for the Technical Professions
ENC 3310: Advanced Exposition
ENC 4138: Principles of Research Writing
ENC 4930-002: Technical Writing**
ENC 4354: Writing for Nonprofits
ENG 4020: Studies in Writing and Rhetoric
PUR 4411: Public and Community Relations
ISM 4054: Social Media and Web Technologies
MAR 4334: RI Advanced Advertising, Research, Persuasion & Creative Strategy§
PAD 3438: Communication Skills for Public Managers
PAD 4202: Funding for Nonprofit Organizations
SPC 2608: Public Speaking

‡ Up to one special topics class focused on professional communication or writing, from any department, approved by the PTWC Director.
§ Prior to Spring 2017, titled "Creative Advertising Strategy: Concepts and Design."
** ENC 4930-002 as Technical Writing (CRN 42562) only in Spring 2018

Portfolio Requirement

Students must submit a final portfolio, including a résumé, a formal report, a job letter or other example of professional correspondence and one other professional writing sample. For more details on portfolio requirements and assessment, contact the PTWC Director, Dr. Julia Mason, at

PTWC Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an English major?

No. The Professional and Technical Writing Certificate is an interdisciplinary certificate. Undergraduate students from any major can earn the certificate.

Why would I want a Professional and Technical Writing Certificate?

On the job market, almost everyone claims to have "excellent communication skills." A certificate proves you have advanced training in professional communication. It's a concrete way to demonstrate your skills and it will set you apart from other job applicants. It's also an excellent line for your resume and a qualification you can mention in your job search materials.

I'm a transfer student. Do courses from my previous institution count toward the certificate?

Probably. Contact the director to ask about transfer credits.

Can I earn a PTWC certificate* as a graduate student or non-degree seeking student?

Unfortunately, no. Only currently enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate students are eligible for the PTWC certificate.

*Yes, "PTWC certificate" is redundant.