Creative Writing Honors

Applications for Spring 2024 Creative Writing Honors are due no later than Monday, October 23rd (see below.)

CRW 4932: Honors Creative Writing Seminar is open to both Creative Writing Honors Students and Advanced Creative Writers. The course is permit only—both Honors students and non-Honors students will need permits.

Are you interested in taking CRW 4932: Honors Creative Writing Seminar as part of the Creative Writing Honors program?
Please read below to learn more about eligibility requirements, application instructions, and registration permits.
Are you an advanced creative writer interested in taking this course as CRW 4930: Advanced Creative Writing Workshop (without applying for the honors program)?
Email Prof. Papatya Bucak to express interest and request a permit. Use the subject line "CRW 4930."

Creative Writing Honors Program

Applications for the Honors Seminar in Creative Writing (spring 2024) due Monday October 23. Download application instructions here.

Qualified students are invited to apply for the Creative Writing Honors Program. The course's focus is the creative writing honors thesis—a substantial manuscript of fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry, along with a reflective essay. Other coursework will include reading of published work and workshopping your peers' work.

Creative Writing Honors Eligibility Requirements:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.5 in English major courses
  • Students must have already completed at least 60 credits
  • Successfully completed CRW 3010 (Introduction to Creative Writing) and at least two 4000-level creative writing workshops. At least one of these workshops must be in the genre (poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction) in which you are applying.

    Note: Students who don't quite meet the GPA requirements or who have not taken a second 4000 level workshop may apply for the course and may be admitted if their application is considered strong enough. However, in order to receive the honors designation upon graduation, students must meet the GPA requirements.

Creative Writing Honors Course

CRW 4932: Honors Creative Writing Seminar which is designed to facilitate the completion of the creative writing thesis and expand students' understanding of the craft of writing. In addition to workshopping drafts, students will also be reading (and writing about) important works in all three genres of creative writing along with advanced craft essays. The class will also spend time discussing professional development—the next steps you might take with your writing.  Course prerequisites include CRW 3010 and at least two 4000-level creating writing workshops, one of which must be in the genre you are working in for your thesis.

Note: Students will receive the designation "Honors in Creative Writing" at the time of graduation, upon satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  1. Fulfillment of all normal field distribution requirements for the English major.
  2. Completion of the Honors Seminar in Creative Writing with a grade of "B" or higher, which includes the completion of a thesis of substance and quality that meets with the approval of the course instructor and a second faculty reader (assigned by the Department of English).
  3. Achievement of an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and a GPA of at least 3.5 in all English courses at the time of graduation.

Students in the Honors Track in Creative Writing who complete all of the requirements but do not meet the GPA requirements for honors at the time of graduation, will receive credit for all work completed but will not be certified as having received honors. Students who engage in academic dishonesty will be dismissed from the Honors program and face additional penalties.