The English Major

If you love to read or write, then English is a natural major for you. Literature teaches us empathy, invites us to consider difficult ethical questions, and allows us to imagine creative solutions to challenging problems. English majors acquire a broad background in literature taking courses that stress literary history, literary genres, and the achievements of individual authors. Your coursework will strengthen your writing, your research abilities, and critical thinking, necessary skills in almost any field and as a result. It's no suprise that English majors nationwide are among the most employable graduates.

FAU’s English Major will open up a world of career opportunities, owing to the flexibility of the major itself, as well as practical experiences through our robust internship program.

Major Requirements (39 Credits)

  • ENG 3822: Intro to Literary Studies (3 Credits)

  • LIT 3213: Literary Theory (3 Credits)

  • 6 Credits of Category I (Literatures of Ethnicity, Gender, and Culture)

  • 15 Credits of Category II (American Literature, British Literature, and Genre Studies), including 6 Credits of pre-1800 Literature

  • 3 Credits of Category III (Writing and Rhetoric)

  • 9 Credits of English Electives

For first-year students, please refer to our Four-Year Flight Plan to help students graduate on time. Students may print this out and bring a copy with them when they meet with their Freshmen Advisor in University Advising Services. Students will be able to meet with the English Department advisor once they reach 30 credit hours.

For current majors, please refer to the Undergraduate English Major Checklist to track your progress.

Concentrations (Optional)

  • American Literature (12 credits must have AML prefix)

  • British Literature (12 credits must have ENL prefix)

  • Multicultural Literature and Gender Studies (12 credits from Category I)

  • Writing and Rhetoric (12 credits from Category III)

  • World Literature (12 credits must be denoted WL or be selected from Category IV)

Some Special Topics courses may count toward either the Multicultural Literature and Gender Studies or World Literature concentration; for a list of current Special Topics courses and the categories they satisfy, click here.

Other Information

For our complete course offerings, please refer to the FAU Course Catalog.

For our current course offerings, please refer to the Registrar.

For transfer students: at least 75% of the major must be completed in the English Department at FAU. Transfer work to be credited toward the degree must be evaluated by the Department.  

For more about the objectives and structure of English courses, please refer to FAU's Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for the English Department.