*In 2023, the Contest was moved from the Fall 2023 semester to the Spring 2024 semester. Thus, there are no winners in 2023.

2022 Winners & Finalists

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Rithika Mathew, Catching Her Flying Kisses
1st Runner Up: Calli Abisognio, The Sweat Stain Upon My Being
2nd Runner Up: Florencia Azcurra, My Companion the Ocean

Graduate Category
Winner: Victor Menco Haeckermann, The Brightest Side of Resignation
1st Runner Up: Jessica Elizabeth Young, A Glimpse of the Future
2nd Runner Up: Paula Rodriguez, Mothering Your Hope


2021 Winners & Finalists

Undergraduate Category
Winner: Gracie Wipfli, "Clair de Lune"
1st Runners Up (tie): Darlene Antoine, "The Girl Who Wanted to Eat the Stars" and Kamryn Stoneburner, "Vinyl-Scratched Memories"
2nd Runner Up: Gina Marie Gruss, "Breathe."

Graduate Category
Winner: Stephanie Byun, "The (In)Destructible Body"
1st Runner Up: Mustari Akhi, "Abandoned Bus Stop"
2nd Runner Up: Wilson Sims, "Someone Else's Story"

2020 Winners & Finalists

Undergraduate Category
Winner: "Growth" by Marc Kaneko
1st runner up: "Fit the Description" by Santonya Smith
2nd runner up: "What’s in a Name" by Tomislav Lukic

Graduate Category
Winner: "Shamba" by Daphne Kiplagat
1st runner up: "Sand in the Passenger Seat" by Samantha Trail
2nd runner up: "What is Hope?" by Maya Elias

2019 Winners

Undergraduate Category
Winner: "What I Am to Be, I Am Now Becomming" by Sheri Reid

Graduate Category
Winner: "Stigma" by Eric Nieves


2018 Winner

Graduate Category
"On Not Knowing," by Corrinne Binnings