Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum

Mission Statement: 

The University’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program supports faculty to strengthen teaching and learning writing across all levels and disciplines in undergraduate education. We collaborate with individual faculty and departments to instill in their students critical thinking and complex problem solving through the complementary processes of reading and writing.

Program Goals:

(1)  Support the Teaching of Writing: Assist colleges, departments, and individual faculty members with specific strategies to support student writing (e.g. designing and sequencing of assignments, providing feedback on and evaluation of student work)

(2) Maintain WAC Courses: Ensure consistency and quality of WAC courses over time across the university (e.g. maintaining WAC guidelines through previewing, approving, and reviewing syllabi)

(3)  Assess Outcomes: Collect and assess student writing to provide feedback to departments so they can set benchmarks for improving student outcomes

(4) Enrich Departmental Curriculum: Lead departments, schools, and colleges through the processes of integrating writing systematically throughout their majors and concentrations (e.g. facilitating department-wide discussions to identify desired student outcomes, mapping departmental curricula, creating assessment plans, and designing departmental proposals for revising curricula in majors and concentrations)

(5) Recognize Excellence: Recognize and promote student and faculty success in writing through campus-wide events (e.g. National Day on Writing, student publication awards, and creative presentations)

If you have ideas or requests for bag lunch or workshop topics, please contact Jeff Galin (jgalin@fau.edu) or Julianne Zvolensky (jzvolensky@fau.edu).

Writing Contest

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National Day on Writing