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Name College Title of your work
Jessica Abramsky Arts & Letters Building pressurization is unstable': FAU evacuates $35 million Jupiter building
Jessica Abramsky Arts & Letters Financial disclosure: Scofflaws in our midst?
Jessica Abramsky Arts & Letters Being a Jewish student journalist in America during the Israel-Hamas War
Jessica Abramsky Arts & Letters FAU Board of Trustees chair resigns, board names new chair
Jessica Abramsky Arts & Letters FAU admin tight-lipped about Parking Garage 2 closure
Gianna Alberti Arts & Letters From FAU’s Diamond to Angel Stadium: Nolan Schanuel’s journey to the big leagues
Eftkhar Alroyley Nursing Palliative Care for Thai Older Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Scoping Review.
Ihuoma Anurioha Arts & Letters Child Labor: The Human Trafficking Exploitation in Nigeria
Ihuoma Anurioha Arts & Letters Women Participation in Conflict: The Case of the Biafran War
Kayla Barnes Arts & Letters Adjusting the lens: Understanding FAU’s political landscape
Megan Bruinsma Arts & Letters Athlete to author: Exploring the journey that Brandin Bryant embarked on to publish his first book
Megan Bruinsma Arts & Letters Athlete to author: Exploring the journey that Brandin Bryant embarked on to publish his first book
Kimberly Casey Arts & Letters Historic buildings tend to be built better' - A historic preservationist discusses how climate change is affecting historic sites
Kendall Clark Arts & Letters Vape shops proliferate near FAU’s Boca Raton campus as popularity of e-cigarettes grows 
Francine Coker Education The Seven Top Habits of Appreciative Advisers 
Francine  Coker Education Humanizing Academic Advising: Using Culturally Responsive Approaches to Advise Students of Color
Michael Cook Arts & Letters IDF deploys FAU student in Israel-Hamas war
Michael  Cook Arts & Letters FAU alumna runs VI Coffee Bar, serving coffee by day, drinks by night
Michael Cook Arts & Letters FAU wins first place in D.C. National Model United Nations conference
Isaac Dash Science The Automatic Generation of Game Environments for the Purpose of Training Artificially Intelligent Agents
Sofia De La Espriella Arts & Letters Protests, threats and the FBI: The story of FAU’s inactive Students for Justice in Palestine chapter
Carly Dempsey Science A Student's Solution For Infrastructure
Rebecca Dorvil Business A Chilean Coffee Business Deciding to Do Business in the United States
Teagan  Duenkel Science Inlet-adjacent beach and shoreline variability at decadal scales
Maria Farah Arts & Letters A Brush with Fine Art: Artists in Boca Raton's History
Kelley Foley Business The Politicalization of Everything 
Elisabeth Gaffney Arts & Letters UVA water shutdowns: Angry residents petition FAU Housing for compensation 
Elisabeth Gaffney Arts & Letters Connecting the dots: Breaking down FAU's suspended presidential search
Lea Goldenberg Science Practicing Complexity Through Natural Simplicity
Samantha Gott Science Predicting Infant Sleep Facets: The Role of Infant Temperament
Anastasia Iwuagwu Arts & Letters The Representation of Africa as a Geography of Disease: How the Global North Media Reporting of the Monkeypox Virus Reinforce Stereotypes About Africa
Muhammad Tanveer Jan Engineering & Computer Science Tackling the class imbalanced dermoscopic image classification using data augmentation and GAN
Czdari Lee Medicine A comprehensive method for the phenotypical and functional characterization of recalled human memory B and T cells specific to vaccine antigens
Maria Lungu Arts & Letters Book Review: Law and leviathan: Redeeming the administrative state
Laurie Mermet Arts & Letters Love beyond the buzzer: A Valentine’s Day love story
Laurie Mermet  Arts & Letters Emmanuel Carré: From soccer scholar to stand-up star
Laurie  Mermet  Arts & Letters Campus pro-choice, pro-life advocates speak out on proposed abortion rights measure 
Laurie Mermet  Arts & Letters Recent bills spark outrage among FAU, FIU students
Zade Micallef Engineering & Computer Science Sensor Bias Error Estimation for Terrain-Aided Navigation using Low-Cost AUVs
Ali Mohamed Engineering & Computer Science Diagnostic Efficacy and Clinical Relevance of Artificial Intelligence in Detecting Cognitive Decline
Elise Neubarth Engineering & Computer Science Development of a Microfluidic Device for Exosome Isolation in Point-of-Care Settings
Rabindra Parajuli Science Quantity is foremost but quality matters: A global meta-analysis of correlations of dead wood volume and biodiversity in forest ecosystems
Andrea Pena-Molina Engineering & Computer Science Privacy Considerations in Online Laboratories Management Systems
Andrea Pena-Molina Engineering & Computer Science Securing Online Laboratory Management Systems using Blockchain Technology: A Comprehensive Review
Andrea Pena-Molina Engineering & Computer Science Empowering Engineering Education: A Comprehensive Analysis of Intelligent Tutoring System for Engineering Education
Darian Peters Medicine Fearing Pain at the End of Life: A Review of Advance Directives
Hugo Pimentel Engineering & Computer Science A Power Takeoff Device for a Small Marine Hydrokinetic Turbine Deployed from an Unmanned Floating Platform
Gabriela Quintero Arts & Letters Laurence Miller’s expert witness role raises key questions on police, community values
Gabriela Quintero Arts & Letters Recent bills spark outrage among FAU, FIU students
Alejandra Quintero Medicine Improved Selectivity in Eliciting Evoked Electromyography Responses With High-Resolution Spinal Cord Stimulation
Lisa Ramirez Arts & Letters Science Fiction and Activism 
Daniel Rivas Arts & Letters Representación de patologías en la cerámica precolombina durante los periodos Formativo Tardío y Desarrollo Regional en la costa del Ecuador
Harshal Amit Sanghvi Engineering & Computer Science A 3D-Based Novel Framework Using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality for Biomechanical Analysis: An Experimental Study
Harshal Amit Sanghvi Engineering & Computer Science An Empirical Analysis of Diffusion, Autoencoders, and Adversarial Deep Learning Models for Predicting Dementia Using High-Fidelity MRI
Harshal Amit Sanghvi Engineering & Computer Science A systematic review of decentralized finance protocols
Harshal Amit Sanghvi Engineering & Computer Science Data Analysis Of The Regional Disparities And Convergence In Literacy: Evidence From The Indian States
Harshal Amit Sanghvi Engineering & Computer Science Data Analysis On Relative Position In Public Spending On Education For Indian State (Gujarat)
Harshal Amit Sanghvi Engineering & Computer Science An Artificial Intelligence Driven Framework for Medical Imaging
Harshal Amit Sanghvi Engineering & Computer Science A Comprehensive Review on Cloud Security Using Machine Learning Techniques
Richa Saxena Honors College Neuron-targeted exosome therapy: A novel approach for treating cardiogenic dementia via RyR2 inhibition
Regina Sneeze Education Counseling the African American Student-Athlete
Christopher T. Spagnolia Science Predicting competitive interactions in a coral reefs using STSM
Jordan Thompson Science One nation, under war: Did the language of Fox News and MSNBC converge during the invasion of Ukraine?
Nathalie Vega Arts & Letters Inundated with algae, Lake Okeechobee faced a slimy season
Sage West Arts & Letters Woodward and Bernstein reflect on Watergate, state of journalism during FAU visit
Cassidy Winegarden Arts & Letters As Haiti waits for help, Haitians in Florida find it hard to stay hopeful of country's future