Organic Chemistry Center (OC2)

In collaboration with the FAU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, we’ve created the Organic Chemistry Center to provide comprehensive support for students completing the organic chemistry sequence. This center, housed within the Science Learning Center, is staffed with student tutors who have earned at least an A- in the organic chemistry sequence, have been recommended by their professors, and have been trained in effective tutoring techniques through our intensive, CRLA Level 1, 2, and 3 certified tutor training program. Each tutor is able to support a total of 10 students per session. 

tutor wokring chemistry on a whiteboard

These are highly interactive, peer-facilitated study sessions. Due to their popularity, our organic chemistry tutoring sessions are limited to 10 students per session. Drop-ins are welcome, but appointments are strongly recommended.  

Tutoring Schedule

Summer 2024 Schedule

Supplemental Instruction is also available for this course. 


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Remember: appointments preferred, but drop-ins welcome!