Civic Literacy Workshops

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All Florida college students must satisfy a civic literacy requirement in order to graduate. It is strongly recommended that this be completed during the first-year at FAU. Speak with your academic advisor to see the specific requirements for YOU based on your college enrollment dates. 

For students who enrolled at the university  before summer/fall 2024,  you can complete the Florida Civic Literacy Test (FCLT). You may have an additional course completion requirement in order to satisfy the state-mandated graduation requirement. See your advisor for more details. 

FCLT – Florida Civic Literacy Test  specifically for students who enrolled at the university before Fall 2024

  • The Civic Literacy Test (FCLT) will now be accessible through the Canvas portal. This means that students can conveniently access the exam platform through their Canvas accounts.
  • Enroll here:
  • There will be no fee for taking the Civic Literacy Test (FCLT) exam. 
  • Please familiarize yourself with the updated procedures and take advantage of the convenience offered by accessing the Civic Literacy Test (FCLT) through the Canvas portal. For any questions, contact your academic advisor.

For students enrolling at the university in  summer/fall 2024 or later,  you will be required to complete the Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE) if you have not already done so at a Florida public high school or state college. Visit the FAU Center for Testing and Certification website or speak with your academic advisor about details regarding taking this exam. The FCLE will be taken in person. 


Workshop Descriptions 

All exam prep workshops are  FREE  and open to any FAU student. Each workshop is offered several times during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. All workshops are offered  online.  To view workshop recordings, download study materials, or attend a live workshop, you must  enroll in the Civic Literacy Prep Canvas course . To be best prepared, students should attend or view all workshop sessions before taking the exam.


Workshop Times and Locations

*NOTE: Students may also satisfy the Civic Literacy requirement by completing certain FAU courses such as POS 2041 and AMH 2020 or through minimum scores on certain other Advanced Placement and CLEP tests. Students starting at a Florida college or University in fall 2018 or later must satisfy this requirement. Ask your academic advisor if you are on track to graduate!