2020 Student PUblication Ceremony


This year's ceremony could not be held on campus this year, so we are posting the recipients and their titles for the Provost's recognition certificates below to recognize these students. Certificates will be emailed to students on their FAU email accounts. If you have access to a url for your published work and would like us to link it here, we would be happy to do so.

Congratulations to everyone on your publications!

Name College Title of Work
Margaret Apostolis Arts & Letters Suited
Justin Baronoff Arts & Letters Finishing early: How COVID-19 affected FAU athletes’ senior season
Donella Beckwith Science Tumor-associated O-glycans of MUC1: Carriers of the glyco-code and targets for cancer vaccine design
Caralin Branscum Design & Social Inquiry Stalking State Statutes: A Critical Content Analysis and Reflection on Social Science Research
Elizabeth Brown Education Emerging and Established Queer Terminology in the English Language Classroom
Lazaro Camacho Education Mentoring Experiences and Perceptions of Latino Male Faculty in Higher Education
Megan Conkling Science Breakthrough in Marine Invertebrate Cell Culture: Sponge Cells Divide Rapidly in Improved Nutrient Medium
Gabriela dos Santos Arts & Letters Little Drummer Girl
Gary Drotleff Science Matrix Metalloproteinase Triple-Helical Peptide Inhibitors: Potential Cross-Reactivity with Caspase-11
Bobby Duersch Science The role of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in sequestering phosphorus compounds and trace elements: Speciation and dynamics
Ryan Eckert Science Depth Influences Symbiodiniaceae Associations Among Montastraea cavernosa Corals on the Belize Barrier Reef
    The Mesoamerican Reef
    Populations of the coral species Montastraea cavernosa on the Belize Barrier Reef lack vertical connectivity
Jacquelin Elliot Arts & Letters Mental Health in a Time of Social Distancing
Yossra El-Sharawy Business An Insight on Credit Checks for Employment Purposes: The Numerous Issues Associated and the Comprehensive Credit Act of 2020
Tobechukwu Eze Arts & Letters We Are Still Waiting
Gabby Gibson Arts & Letters Rewriting the Narrative: Breaking the Silence of a Lifelong Follower
Leanet Gutierrez Arts & Letters Who should decide the fate of medical malpractice cases?
Matthew Hawkins Arts & Letters 21st Century Boy
Murtadha Hssayeni Engineering & Computer Science Intracranial Hemorrhage Segmentation Using a Deep Convolutional Model
Sayd Hussain Engineering & Computer Science How Capitalism and Socialism Differ in regards to Property Rights
Samantha Iliff Honors College Effects of chronic pesticide exposure on an epibenthic oyster reef community
Borina Jean Design & Social Inquiry The Roles and Responsibilities of the Participating Team Members in Drug Treatment Courts
Md Alamgir Kabir Engineering & Computer Science Development of a Flow-Free Automated Colorimetric Detection Assay Integrated with Smartphone for Zika NS1
    Advances in HIV Diagnosis and Monitoring
Merkin Karr Arts & Letters Parasite: An Unentertaining Horror Movie
    Speciwomen Issue 2
Michelle Kerrigan Design & Social Inquiry Justice-involved youth and trauma-informed interventions
Abigail Lenhart Honors College Using drones for studying Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
Talia Lewis Design & Social Inquiry Teaching field educators about Courageous Conversations Concerning Racism and Religious Bigotry
Mara Liggett Design & Social Inquiry Justice-Involved Youth and Trauma-Informed Interventions
Samantha Maciel Arts & Letters Fourth Amendment Considerations in the Utilization of Drones by Law Enforcement
Laura Mangan Design & Social Inquiry Justice-Involved Youth and Trauma-Informed Interventions
Jordan Merritt Science Anti-PfGARP activates programmed cell death of parasites and reduces severe malaria
Allyson Miller Education A Document Analysis of Student Conduct in Florida's Community Colleges
Amira Mungal Science Corn - this will just A-Maize you
Daniel Packer Arts & Letters Participant Bar Theory: A New Syntax Theory
    An Analysis of the Vitality of the Welsh Language
Sarah Palumbo Medicine Temporal Trends and Geographic Variations in Mortality Rates from Prescription Opioids: Lessons from Florida and West Virginia
Asha Paudel Science Anthropogenic fire, vegetation structure and ethnobotanical uses in an alpine shrubland of Nepal’s Himalaya
Stephan Schneider Arts & Letters The Gray Area of White-Collar Crime: It Isn’t Black or White!
Mazhar Sher Engineering & Computer Science Development of a multiplex fully automated assay for rapid quantification of CD4+ T cells from whole blood
    Microfluidic chip for detection of fungal infections
    Development of a flow-free magnetic actuation platform for an automated microfluidic ELISA
    Development of a Flow-Free Automated Colorimetric Detection Assay Integrated with Smartphone for Zika NS1
Andrew Simonson Engineering & Computer Science Emerging point-of-care technologies for sickle cell disease diagnostics
Neal Sinha Design & Social Inquiry Letter to the Editor in Social Work Today
Andrew Steinberg Engineering & Computer Science UAS Path Planning using a Space-Time Graph
Geoffrey Stephen Science Political Affiliation and the Prejudice it Creates in the NFL Protest
Armiel Suriaga Nursing Nurse caring: From robotic surgeries to healthcare robots
    A Systematic Review of Opioid Use in LTC
Boris Tezak Science Identifying Sex of Neonate Turtles with Temperature-dependent Sex Determination via Small Blood Samples
    Incubation environment and parental identity affect sea turtle development and hatchling phenotype
Lucas Townsend Arts & Letters From Dimitrios with Love: Ian Fleming's Cold War Revision of Eric Ambler's "A Coffin for Dimitrios"
Kenzie Waldkoetter Honors College Cyclic Voltammetry Using an Open Platform Microcontroller-based Potentiostat
Lucas Wilson Arts & Letters Of Gossip and Gaze: The Shift from Symbolic to Social Exclusion ‘Seen’ through a Post-Holocaust Aesthetic in Flannery O’Connor’s ‘The Displaced Person’
    Enduring Anti-Semitic Christian Scripts in Elie Wiesel’s The Gates of the Forest
    Jerry Falwell Jr. plays while gay students suffer under his university’s conversion ‘therapy’
    Group Conversion ‘Therapy’ – and Its Aftermath – at Liberty University
Eileen Winn Arts & Letters A Variation of Lies Leads to the Truth
    This Is A Collection Of
Chaya Zwiebel   Arts & Letters Panting