The WAC assessment is designed to measure the overall success of the WAC program at FAU. WAC is a University-mandated writing program intended to enhance the State of Florida’s Gordon Rule requirement for writing and communication. The WAC program guarantees that writing instruction is provided across the University and across the disciplines. Therefore, students have increased opportunities to improve their writing throughout their undergraduate careers. The WAC assessment is part of WAC’s annual program review.

Any department that has WAC-designated courses in its curriculum can potentially benefit from reviewing the results of the annual WAC assessment.

Departments can choose to work with WAC to set benchmarks for improvement over time and to identify strategies to support the overall quality of student writing.

Departments might also be interested in participating in the Writing Enriched Curriculum (WEC) initiative that aims to support writing in the upper division throughout a department’s major.

Please contact the WAC Director,  Sipai Klein   or the Assistant Director,  Julianne Zvolensky    for more information.