In the spring semester of 2007, FAU implemented its Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program to strengthen the teaching and learning of writing in undergraduate education. The WAC program satisfies and strengthens the Gordon Rule for writing and communication by mandating that:
  1. Writing counts for at least 50 percent of the course grade;
  2. Some class time be devoted to discussing strategies for improving student writing;
  3. WAC courses include at least one substantial revision of a graded paper;
  4. Substantive feedback be provided on all writing that leads to a grade.

The 2000 - 4000 level WAC courses are listed here and identified as WAC (Gordon Rule) in the course schedule. A small number of WAC courses have been certified to substitute for College Writing 2. These 1000 level courses have the same requirements as ENC 1102, but are taught by specially trained faculty who use disciplinary readings. The current courses that substitute for ENC 1102 are listed here and identified as WAC (Gordon Rule) courses in the course schedule.

The University's WAC program promotes the teaching of writing across all levels and all disciplines. WAC asserts that writing-to-learn activities have proven effective in developing critical thinking skills, learning discipline-specific content, and understanding and building competence in the modes of inquiry and writing for various disciplines and professions.

Faculty who teach WAC classes have been specially trained to develop courses that provide frequent and significant opportunities to write, revise, and discuss their writing. As more courses become WAC-certified, students will have increased opportunities to develop their writing and critical thinking skills from the freshman year through graduation, whatever their major course of study.

For more information, contact the University Center for Excellence in Writing at 561-297-3498 or