WAC Assessment

  1. Student Writing Assessment Overview
    The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program has developed a rigorous assessment project that will allow the University’s WAC curriculum to develop over time based on the data collected by the study. This study will determine whether distributing the responsibility of teaching writing across the curriculum is enabling students to improve their writing.  Departments needing additional support for improving student writing can also be identified, and the results of this assessment can be used to leverage additional funding for a sustained focus on the teaching of writing across the university. Furthermore, we will determine whether students perceive increased learning as a result of integrating writing-to-learn practices across the university. We have developed a web-based interface for collecting student drafts, revisions, and self-efficacy surveys, as well as norming and rating the papers, administering the system, and graphing data for departments to use to improve teaching of writing. Visit Student Writing Assessment for more information. 
  2. Formative WAC Program Assessment using Sustainability Indicators

    In 2017, the WAC Committee began working on revising the WAC mission statement and goals in anticipation of developing a set of sustainability indicators (SIs) for FAUs WAC program. Over the course of numerous meetings, we identified indicators for each goal and then operationalized them into a set of SIs so we could track sustainability of our programs. The process for developing these SIs is based on the work of Cox, Galin and Melzer (2018) and is described in detail in a forthcoming article in  Across the Disciplines. Visit Formative WAC Assessment using Sustainability Indicators for additioanl information.

  3. Writing Enriched Curriculum (WEC) Assessment

    FAU runs a small WEC initiative with four departments at this time. As these departments begin to submit their assessment results, we will be posting the student abilities rubrics they have created and their assessment results.