2022 Student Publication Awardees

Congratulations to everyone on your publications!

Name College Title of Work
Samirh Alqhtani Nursing A Systematic Review of Family Caregivers of Persons with Serious Mental Illnesses in Non-Western Countries
Seham Alselami Nursing A Unitary-Caring Theory Perspective of Family Caregiving for Patients Hospitalized with a Stroke in Saudi Arabia.
Kimberly Bain Arts & Letters Creating Boundaries and Navigating Inevitable Uncertainties as an Adjunct Writing Instructor
Nephtalie Bazelais Business U.S. Legal & Regulatory Compliance: An Overview of the Challenges and Benefits for Small Businesses
Ryan Bos Science Large quantities of small microplastics permeate the surface ocean to abyssal depths in the South Atlantic Gyre
    Tracking Genomic Characteristics across Oceanic Provinces: Contrasting Early and Mature Plastic Biofilm Communities
Alaysia Broccoli Nursing Continuing On
Liah Brussolo Cremona Science Chemistry Workbook
Davian Caraballo Medicine The Potential Therapeutic Effects of Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation in Alzheimer's Disease
Rakib Ahmed Chowdhury Engineering & Computer Science Different Detection and Treatment Methods for Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar in Water/Wastewater: A Review
Karim Dawkins Science Bioinoculants: A New Tool for Combatting Plant Invasion 
Domenica Diraviam Arts & Letters Pascal D’Angelo: Translations and Transmutations
    Rope and Soap: Realities in a Land Where “The Bread is Soft But Life Is Hard”
Sharon Faur Science What Does it Mean to be Susceptible to Influence? A Brief Primer on Peer Conformity and Developmental Changes that Affect it
    Conflict moderates the longitudinal association between aggression with classmates and popularity: Leveraging disagreements into peer status
Mahyar Ghazvini Engineering & Computer Science A review on mechanical-based microalgae harvesting methods for biofuel production
    Experimental Study of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer on Novel Pin-Finned Surfaces
Gina Marie Gruss Honors College Catalog
Ana Guerin Education Your True Colors
Michael Hamper Medicine Treatment of Kleine-Levin Syndrome With Intranasal Photobiomodulation and Methylene Blue
    The Potential Therapeutic Effects of Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation in Alzheimer's Disease
Angelica Hernandez Nursing What the American Journal of Critical Care Junior Peer Reviewers Were Reading During Year 1 of the Program
    What the American Journal of Critical Care Junior Peer Reviewers Were Reading During Year 2 of the Program. 
Elizabeth Insuasti Arts & Letters The MOET
Taylor Irvine Education An affair to remember: A mixed-methods survey examining  therapists' experiences treating infidelity
    Self-esteem moderates the relationship between  secure attachment and internalizing and externalizing problems in preadolescence
Majedul Islam Science Therapeutic strategies for tauopathies and drug repurposing as a potential approach
Carisse Joseph Business A Look into the Laws of Conservatorships in the United States
Md Alamgir Kabir Engineering & Computer Science Rheotaxis-based microfluidic device for selecting sperm from samples infected with a virus
    Selection of healthy sperm based on positive rheotaxis using a microfluidic device
Laila Khoury Medicine Arthroplasty Options for Shoulder Arthritis in the Young, Active Patient, in Tjoumakaris F, Carolan GF, Freedman KB, Jazrawi LM, Nagda SH, eds: Surgical Insights
    Shoulder Pain. In: O’ Connor M, Kanwal L, Taking Care of You: The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Health
Talia Kibsey Arts & Letters Protest to Podium: Teaching argumentation to advance advocacy from social media to city hall
Lilia Kneidel Education Addressing the Social/Emotional Needs of Students During the Pandemic
Breanne Levarity Nursing Health Disparity, Natural Disaster, and COVID-19: Perspectives From a Bahamian American Nurse
Ryan Lofaro Arts & Letters Political contestation in policy implementation: A narrative inquiry into a needle exchange program
    Communication and leadership in times of crisis: analyzing the cultural competency of US state governors during the vaccine administration phase of the COVID-19 pandemic
Kevin Lopez Pelaez Arts & Letters America: Society, Law, & Philosophy
    The Effect of Confucianism on East Asian Legal Systems
Amorette Lormil Science Knotted Tongues
Margaret Marcum Arts & Letters Hunger and White Wolf 
    “Separate,” “White Swan,” and “Be a Voice for the Voiceless Being,” 
    "From the Bay of Monterey" 
    "She Flies" and "Beseech" 
    "Four-Corner Travel" and "I Spoke into Heaven" 
    "The Wake of Day" and "Language of Daybreak" 
    "dreaming all over the place" 
    "Flying Back to You" 
    "In Bed with Grief" 
    "(Let's) Playhouse" 
Joseph Mendonca Science A Systematic Review of Terrestrial Plant Invasion Mechanisms Mediated by Microbes and Restoration Implications
Asna Nayani Arts & Letters The Need for Universal Background Checks
Jean-Claude Ndongo Arts & Letters Prospective Analysis of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement: Opportunities for and Challenges to Economic Integration through Public Procurement. 
Asha Paudel Science Persistent composition legacy and rapid structural change following successive fires in Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forests
Marybeth Pena Nursing The Healing Garden
Richard Pereira Business Revitalizing the Beautiful Game: How head coach Joey Worthen restored a winning culture in the FAU men’s soccer program
    FAU athletes look back on the COVID-19 pandemic one year later
    ‘Solidarity’ aims to promote left-wing values on campus and help local areas
    Upcoming FAU artist honors life of manager’s cousin by announcing an art and fashion show dedicated to athlete mental health awareness
    How FAU plans to schedule games against top competition with the move to the American Athletic Conference
    Opinion: Free Palestine from Israel’s apartheid occupation
Sabiny Pierrevil Business Living Beyond Life’s Twists and Turns
    “Ten Secrets To Achieve Internal Happiness and Life’s Goals
    A Grieving Nation: Healing Intrafamilial Relationships, Restoring Family Values, and Addressing Social Issues in America After Donald J. Trump's Presidency
    Hymn of a Strong Woman
Sydney Richner Arts & Letters Jenga
Leila Shatara Education A Mixed-Method Research Study of Dual Enrolled Students’ Experiences in a Research Course: Research Capital Development?
Caitlin Shea-Vantine Science Caudal Spine Morphology and Puncture Performance of Two Coastal Stingrays
Vivek Sreejithkumar Honors College The Evolution of the Identifiable Analysis of the COVID-19 Virus
Ishwarya Srikanth Engineering & Computer Science Development of Non-Parametric Deterioration Models for Risk and Reliability Assessments of Concrete and Timber Bridges
    tochastic Time-Dependent Deterioration Models for Estimating Residual Service Life of Offshore Jacket-Type Platforms
Tristan Stinchcomb Honors College Body Language: Harry Crews’ Metaphorical Use of Bodies in the Novels “Body” and “Scar Lover”
Ojdre Sutherland Science A Systematic Review of Terrestrial Plant Invasion Mechanisms Mediated by Microbes and Restoration Implications
Marisa Takada Martinez Science Evaluating temporal and spatial transferability of a tidal inundation model for foraging waterbirds
Supavadee Thiengtham Nursing Family involvement in transitional care from hospital to home and its impact on older patients, families, and health care providers: a mixed methods systematic review protocol
Mallory Thomas Engineering & Computer Science Microfluidic analysis of seawater-based CO2 capture in an amine solution with nickel nanoparticle catalysts
Leila Tou Medicine Supporting Geriatric Patients During a Global Pandemic
Oscar Vazquez Medicine Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction without a Vertical Incision
Eileen Winn Arts & Letters "God Prays the Act of Contrition" 
    "poem where every exclamation point is me stomping in a puddle & I am wearing big yellow rain boots standing in the driveway of a man I used to love"
    "Mise En Place"
Chey Wollner Arts & Letters The Angel of the Crows by Katherine Addison: review by Chey Wollner
Chao Xu Science Mapping and analyzing the annual dynamics of tidal flats in the conterminous United States from 1984 to 2020 using Google Earth Engine
    The Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Dynamic Changes of Tidal Flats in Florida from 1984 to 2020
Kai Yoshinaga Medicine When Medication Fails: Choosing Palliative care in Refractory Cases of Electrical Storm
    Blunt Cardiac Injury in Patients With Sternal Fractures
    Sternal fractures in blunt trauma patients