Designing a WAC Course

If you are interested in designing a WAC course at FAU, please review the Outcome Goals for WAC courses and the WAC guidelines for either 1000-level replacement for ENC 1102 courses or the 2000-4000-level courses.

Note that a WAC course will eventually need to be certified at the state level as a Gordon Rule course, which typically takes up to 6 months to get through all of the required departmental, college, university, and state processes for creating new courses or revising a previous one

Note also that every section of a WAC course must be taught with WAC-approved syllabi. The state will not allow the same course to be taught under two different designations.

All WAC-designated syllabi will periodically undergo reviews by the WAC Committee for re-certification of WAC status.

Faculty interested in teaching WAC courses must attend a WAC training seminar. This is typically a two-day (6 hours total) workshop offered in each fall and spring.