The Writing Across the Curriculum Program at FAU now offers Department Development Grants of $2,000 on a competitive basis to faculty teams who plan to integrate effective writing activities and assignments throughout their departments’ curricula. Two such grants are currently available on an annual basis.

Successful grants will:

  • Involve at least three faculty from a department
  • Present a clear plan for long-term curriculum change
  • Collaborate with the University WAC Director and Coordinator
  • Provide a justified budget (excluding funds for equipment, travel support, or food)

Proposal Guidelines

  1. Arrange a required pre-proposal meeting with WAC Director.
  2. Prepare a proposal for a Department Development Grant (3 to 5 pages). Include the following items.
    1. Potential impact (need, benefits for students, number of students benefited)
    2. Project objectives
    3. Project Plan (including plans for working with the Center’s staff)
    4. Assessment strategy
    5. Team members
    6. Schedule
    7. Budget
    8. Commitment to writing a report and making a presentation to the university community
    9. Signature of department chair

Examples that are likely to receive funding include:

  1. Converting a multi-section course to a WAC course
  2. Introductory level course for all students entering a major
  3. Critical thinking initiatives that use case-based writing projects
  4. Assessment project that determines the effectiveness of a WAC component of departmental curricula.
  5. Integrating writing into a series of courses

Deadline Friday, April 6th, 2012

Successful Grant Examples

FAU Grants

2008 WAC Social Work department proposal
2008 WAC Music department proposal
2010 Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering department proposal
2010 Chemistry department proposal
2011 Nursing department proposal
2011 Anthropology department proposal
2011 CCEI department proposal
2012 English department proposal
2012 Accounting department proposal

Courtesy of Miami University – Ohio:

2005/2006 MME department proposal
2005/2006 Music department proposal
2005/2006 MIS department proposal