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Find Tutoring for Business, Engineering or Foreign Language Courses

What is The CLASS Tutoring Lab?

The CLASS Tutoring Lab, a program housed in the Center for Learning And Student Success (CLASS) which is located on the 2nd floor of General Classroom South (GS), provides FREE small group tutoring by peer tutors in business, engineering & computer science, and languages courses. 

What kind of tutoring is available?

CLASS Tutoring is offered as small group sessions and are appointment-based.  Frequently supported courses include:


  • Accounting (ACG 2021 & 2071)
  • Economics (ECO 2013, 2023, 4223)
  • Finance (FIN 3403)
  • Information Systems (ISM 2000 & ISM 3011)
  • Quantitative Methods (QMB 3600)

Engineering & Computer Science 

  • Dynamics (EGN 3321)
  • Fluid Mechanics (EML 3701)
  • Programming 1 (COP 2220)
  • Programming 2 (COP 3014)
  • Statics (EGN 3311)
  • Strengths of Materials (EGN 3331)
  • And many more upper-division courses!


  • Spanish (SPN 1120 & SPN 1121)
  • French (FRE 1120 & FRE 1121)
  • Japanese (JPN 1120 & JPN 1121)

What about science tutoring?

Science tutoring is conducted in the Science Learning Center (SLC), in the Schmidt Family Complex. For more information about the SLC, click here

Who are our tutors?

Our peer tutors are successful students who have earned at least a A- in the courses they tutor, have been recommended by their professors, and have been trained in effective tutoring techniques through our intensive, CRLA Level 1 and 2 certified tutor training program.  Their goal is to help students review course content through the use of interactive learning strategies and to help students learn study strategies that will aid in their success in their future classes as well. 

When and where is tutoring scheduled?

Most of our tutoring is appointment-based and will fill up quickly, so it is best to go to TutorTrac, our online tutoring appointment software, to view available times, book your appointment(s), and reserve your spot in advance.  Non-science tutoring sessions are held in the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) in General Classroom South (GS) on the 2nd floor. 

Ready to make an appointment?  Click here to use our Step-by-Step Guide to walk you through searching for and making appointments.

What do I need for my tutoring sessions?

You will get the most out of tutoring if you prepare.  To enable the tutor to best meet your needs, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Complete all assigned reading and homework
  • Prepare questions
  • Bring the materials that you may need to the session which may include your syllabus, textbook, notes, study guides, a writing utensil and/or a laptop/tablet

Can I apply to be a peer tutor?

Join our team!  FAU's CLASS tutors are some of the finest students FAU has to offer.  If you are interested in learning more about the CLASS Tutoring program and being trained as a peer tutor, please complete the Tutor Application and submit it online.  Applications are accepted every semester.  Click  HERE to be directed to the application.

Interested in becoming a volunteer tutor?  Click here to learn more about the FAU Owl-to-Owl Volunteer Tutoring program and to apply as a volunteer tutor.

For more information about CLASS Tutoring Services, feel free to contact us at 561-297-0906.