2012 Events

The 2012 recognition of the National Day on Writing was a great success and some really fun activities took place on the Traditions Plaza outside of the bookstore!

Some of the activities included:

  • Madlibs -- some really creative versions of songs, Shakespeare and Harry Potter excerpts, and "personal ads" were made!

  • 6 word stories -- Some samples: "Still lost on road less traveled;" "I love my girlfriend...and bacon;" "Met online; love before first sight"

  • Newspaper "blackout" poetry (words are crossed out of newspaper articles to make up a new story): "Two are now against a group and causes confusion." "Two people buried like a pancake authorities said, screaming suddenly 'Oh my God! The whole place shook' in another collapse."

  • Apples to Apples personality quiz

Special thanks to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the Department of English, the University Center for Excellence in Writing, and the student volunteers from  Coastlines magazine, the English Club, the English Graduate Student Society, Sigma Tau Delta, and everyone who stopped by for some fun!