Payroll General Policies

The Payroll Section of the University Controller’s Office prepares the wage payments for all departments in the University. The salary checks are written in the University Controller’s Office.

Payroll is also responsible for:


  • Payroll tax payments
  • Payroll tax returns (941, 941C & UCT-6)
  • Year-end wage statements (W-2, W2C & 1042S)
  • The submission of 3rd party payments and reports for payroll deductions
  • Processing of W-4 and direct deposit forms
  • NRA taxation and treaties
  • Calculate and process retroactive wage payments
  • Recording Fringe benefits for taxation
  • Analyze taxability of student employees

Payroll Check Information

Florida Atlantic University processes payroll for its employee’s on a biweekly schedule. It is the Policy of Florida Atlantic University that all employees have their net pay electronically deposited into a bank account .Employees that do not have direct deposit will have their checks mailed to them.


Florida Atlantic University practices a decentralized method of Payroll. This practice dictates that payroll and time input be processed on a department level. Every department is staffed with a Time Keeping Administrator (TKA). The TKA is responsible for all payroll related functions (see list below) for each employee in their respective departments.

Faculty, Staff and Temporary employees

The department of Human Resources is responsible for the input of payroll (wage) data. This data is collected from the departments via Personnel Action Forms (PAF’s). Personal employee information for newly hired employees is obtained during employee orientation. All new employees are required to attend orientation before they commence work.

Student employees

Students, who are employed by Florida Atlantic University, must have their paper work processed by the University’s Student Employment Office. The Department of Student Employment is responsible for the input of payroll (wage) data for students. This data is collected from the departments via Student Appointment Forms. New student employees are required to sign in with student employment before they commence work.

The University also employs a University Time keeping Administrator to assist and train the individual TKA’s.

Listed below are the employee (payroll) related functions that are performed by each department.

Department TKA

  • Employee time card input
  • Employee exception time input
  • Answer all questions for employees in their department regarding pay wages, PAF’s, and general payroll questions

University TKA

  • Train department level Time Keeping Administrators
  • Assist Time Keeping Administrators with time input inquiries and needs
  • Enter time when TKA cannot get immediate access to an employee in PHAHOUR
  • Make emergency time input entries after time input is closed to the TKA’s
  • Assist employees to locate who their TKA is
  • Assist employees who need access to Banner Owls

Payroll Office

  • Process regular and manual paycheck runs
  • Process W-4 forms
  • Calculate and process retroactive payments for salaried employees
  • Process Direct Deposit forms



April 2014