Thank you for your interest in Florida Atlantic University’s School of Architecture.  Our graduates lead successful careers in private practice and at firms in Florida, across the US, and around the world.  Each of these share in the experience you are interested in: learning to make the world a better place through creative engagement and developing the critical thinking skills necessary to establish a vision and lead in its realization.  As an incoming student, you will be welcomed to our innovative, creative, diverse, and caring community of scholars where you can develop your own path, in an atmosphere that emphasizes learning by doing.  Prospective students may apply to either of the following programs:

  • Lower Division Pre-Architecture Program (Year 1, Year 2)
  • Upper Division Bachelor of Architecture program (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5)

Lower Division Pre-Architecture Program

The Lower Division Pre-Architecture program is located on Florida Atlantic University's main campus, in Boca Raton, Florida.  This is a limited-access program, and students are typically accepted into the Freshman class only.   To apply as a freshman for admission into the Lower Division Pre-Architecture Program, please follow the steps below. 

  • Visit the FAU Office of Admissions website and follow the directions for applying to the University.
  • Submit the FAU application to the Office of Admissions as early as possible, preferably in October or November. Applications submitted by February 15, 2022 shall be considered for the Fall 2022 semester.  Applications submitted after February 15, 2022, shall be considered on a space-available basis. Notifications are typically sent out via email and US Mail between October 1 and March 30 from the Office of Admissions and the School of Architecture.


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Lower Division Transfers and Change-of-Majors

Lower Division students who are interested in transferring from another institution, or changing their major to Architecture need to meet with an Arts and Letters Academic Advisor for more information and application 

 If you have additional questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact an Arts and Letters Academic Advisor.

Upper Division Bachelor of Architecture Program

The Upper Division Bachelor of Architecture program is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, which we consider an urban laboratory for exploration.  Our student work is frequently exhibited at our MetroLAB gallery on Las Olas Boulevard. Our students participate in research activities that span an exciting range of interests, from explorations in artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to connections between architectural design and neuroscience, sensing and smart systems, human health, and environmental studies including adaptation to climate change and sea-level rise.

This is a limited-access program. Students may be accepted for placement into Design Studio Level 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, depending on qualifications.   All admitted students must complete all pre-requisites prior to beginning their first design studio at FAU. Please reference the transition guide for a list of all required pre-requisites.  All applicants to the upper-division program are required to submit:

  • an application to the University
  • an application to the School of Architecture
  • transcripts
  • a short essay
  • a portfolio of original design work and other creative activity

You must apply to the university prior to submitting your application to the School of Architecture. When you receive your personal ID number from FAU Admissions you may proceed to the next step to complete your application to the School of Architecture and submit your letter of intent and portfolio via the Acceptd portal. Please note that students who are already enrolled in a degree program at FAU do not have to re-apply to the university.

Please review the  School of Architecture Application, Unofficial Transcripts, Short Essay, and Portfolio Guidelines before preparing your submission.

To begin the application process for admission into the Upper Division Bachelor Of Architecture Program, please follow the steps below:

 If you have additional questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact an Academic Advisor at