School Of Architecture

School of Architecture

The mission of the Florida Atlantic University S chool of Architecture is to advance education, research, and design solutions that enhance the quality of built environments. The program is situated within South Florida’s dynamic coastal and urban environment providing a laboratory for investigating new tools and methods of design in an era of disruption. The School promotes integrative and innovative design in preparation for architectural practice. Students develop critical thinking skills and knowledge through exposure to historical and theoretical foundations, emerging technologies, interdisciplinary research, community engagement, and ethical responsibilities of design, all within an environment that fosters equity and inclusion.


Lecture Series
January 29, 2021

FAU School of Architecture Lecture Series | Spring 2021

Assistant professor, Shermeen Yousif, Ph.D.
January 05, 2021

As a community outreach activity, Shermeen Yousif, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture FAU, has received as a CO-PI the Community Foundation of Broward grant titled: “Broward Climate Resilience Stewardship:...

FAU Architecture students, winners of the NomadHouse Design Competition. Left: Collin Pierce, Project: MicroTower, Right: Christine Sader, project: RUKO.
December 01, 2020

Under the supervision of Dr. Jean Martin Caldieron, two FAU architecture students Collin Pierce, and Christine Sader won at the NomadHouse, Future Housing and Workspace Design Competition.