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Florida Atlantic University recognizes and embraces its responsibility to provide students with the necessary and appropriate skills, abilities, information, and resources to enable them to make enlightened decisions. To meet the challenges of excellence in education, this institution is committed to offering its students the opportunity to receive assistance and guidance in clarifying life and career goals, developing suitable educational plans, strengthening decision-making skills, increasing their awareness of University policies and procedures, and acquiring information regarding University and community resources.

Students must be active participants in deciding the goals and direction of their university experience, and they are expected to avail themselves of all opportunities to become knowledgeable, self-directed, and competent decision-makers. As partners in the advising process, the student and advisor work toward the common goal of enhancing the academic experience by devising the best possible academic program. However, students must ultimately take responsibility for their own progress toward a degree.  

  What is the Success Network? 

The Success Network powered by Starfish Solutions is an online communication system that connects you, the student, to a network of support and to the resources needed to be successful at FAU. Advisors, faculty, tutors, and many different support staff make up your "Success Network".

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  Why use it? 

The goal of using the Success Network is to make it easy for you to communicate and connect with the resources you need to be successful and complete your degree. You can use the scheduling tool in your Success Network to make appointments with your advisor. You will also be able to use this system to track your academic progress. Instructors will be able to raise "flags" to let you know that you may need additional support and inform you how and where to find increased support. Instructors can also give you "kudos" and congratulate you on your success.

Items such as your courses (progress in those courses), academic plans, your degree audit (DARS), and other retention tools will be available in your Success Network.

  Who is able to use the Success Network?
  Newly admitted and currently enrolled undergraduate FAU students can log in and use the Success Network. 
  How do I log into my Success Network?

You can access and log into the system in many different ways. 

  • Use the link below
  • Through MyFAU (click the Success Network Tab)
  • By visiting the University Advising Services website or the Student Services Office within the college of your major (see the Advising Resources Tab at the top of this page for a list of colleges) 

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Information provided on this website is not meant to substitute for the in-depth academic advising services made available to students by meeting with an advisor

Success Network Login

The Success Network is an online communication system that connects you to a network of support and to the resources needed to be successful at FAU.

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Success Network Support

If you have any questions or concerns you can access support by clicking the button below.



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