Florida Atlantic University has launched a new interdisciplinary doctoral program, a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies with a concentration in Design, Aesthetics, and the Arts (DAA). We are actively recruiting Ph.D. students for this exciting new degree track. We are able to offer a handful of fully funded opportunities. The deadline for Fall admission is January 15. For candidates not seeking Ph.D. fellowships, the deadline is March 1.

The FAU School of Architecture is currently in the midst of a radical transformation. In order to advance the discourse of architecture, innovative research methods need to be combined with professional practice constraints. As a result, we are actively building three new research labs:
1) Creative AI Lab - directed by Professor Daniel Bolojan
2) Environmental Design and Natural Materials Lab - directed by Professor Shermeen Yousif
3) Foldable Structures and Materials Lab - directed by Professor Joseph Choma

How will technology change the practice of architecture? How do we reduce the carbon footprint of how we build? How do we design for climate adaptation? These are some of the questions these three research labs will explore.

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