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Students applying to the Professional Architecture Program must meet all requirements including the portfolio submission requirements. For more information, please review the Applications section of our site.

Applicants to the professional degree program with an approved A.A. preprofessional degree in Architecture or transfer students from an accredited program in architecture must submit evidence of having completed the necessary prerequisite courses or course equivalents. Course equivalents for in-state colleges are determined by state guidelines. Course equivalence from other accredited programs is verified by faculty review of the corresponding published course descriptions and syllabi. Only grades of "C" or better are accepted for all required courses. Courses for which grades of "C-" or lower are indicated in official transcripts shall not be accepted for credit. The minimum 159-credit requirement must be met by all students seeking the first professional B.Arch. degree.

Admission to Professional Architecture Program is fall entry only.  All students admitted to the B.Arch. program are expected to enter the professional course sequence with the ability to prepare graphic presentations utilizing normative, descriptive, architectural drawing techniques.  For more information on admission requirements please see the catalog.


Year 3 (Junior Level)
ARC 3133 Architectural Visualization Methods 1 3
ARC 3320 Architectural Design 5 4
ARC 3463 Materials and Methods of Construction 3
ARC 3710 Pre-Modern Architecture History and Theory 3
ARC 3374 Site Planning and Engineering 3
ARC 3321
ARC 4322
Architectural Design 6 or
Vertical Studio
ARC 3503 Architectural Structures 2 3
ARC 3610 Environmental Technology 1 3
ARC 3185C Architectural Visualization Methods 2  3
ARC 3091 Architectural Research Methods and Analysis 3


Year 4 (Senior Level)
ARC 4219 Architectural Theory 3
ARC 4326
ARC 4322
Architectural Design 7 or
Vertical Studio
ARC 4712 Modern Architecture History and Theory 3
ARC 4327
ARC 4322
Architectural Design 8 or
Vertical Studio
ARC 4620 Environmental Technology 2 3
ARC 4504 Architectural Structures 3 3
  Electives 12


Note: Students may enroll once in ARC 4322, Vertical Studio, as a substitute for one of the following: ARC 3321, ARC 4326 or ARC 4327. Prerequisites and corequisites for each of the above courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better. (See Course Descriptions section for ARC 3321, ARC 4326 and ARC 4327 for further information.)


Year 5 (Thesis Level)    
ARC 5328 Advanced Architectural Design 1 6
ARC 5271 Pro. Prac: Proj. vs. Prac. 1
ARC 5280 Pro. Prac: Princ. of Prac. 1
ARC 5287 Pro. Prac: Contr. Rel. & Risk Mgt 1
ARC 5352 Comprehensive Design Project 6
ARC 5272 Pro. Prac: Craft/Collab in Des. 1
ARC 5275 Pro. Prac: Fin./Bus. Mgt for Arc. 1
ARC 5283 Pro. Prac: Comm. Meth. for Des.  
ARC 6305 Introduction to Urban Design 3
  Electives (3000, 4000, 5000 level) 15


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