creative ai lab concept image


Director: Daniel Bolojan

The Creative AI Lab at the FAU School of Architecture is a pioneering laboratory at the forefront of technological innovation, led by Daniel Bolojan. The lab is dedicated to advancing education, fostering community engagement, and conducting research within the field of architecture, harnessing the transformative potential of emerging technologies in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

At the core of the Creative AI Lab's mission lies the exploration of how AI, augmented reality, smart sensors, and big data can act as catalysts for revolutionary design thinking and architectural realization. The lab harnesses these key technologies to create intricate simulations across various scales, parametric design models, and immersive augmented reality experiences that enable real-time interactions between users and architectural models. The lab is committed to developing cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning techniques, AI optimization workflows, creative AI solutions, interactive web interfaces, and Augmented Reality (AR) models. This innovative framework transforms the lab into a collaborative environment that provides real-time design performance feedback to a diverse range of stakeholders, including students, designers, architects, local communities, municipalities, consultants, and planners.

As the accuracy and speed of these simulations continue to evolve, Creative AI Lab is poised to unlock a treasure trove of building performance data, intuitively revealing dynamic trade-offs between different design approaches. The physical lab space is ingeniously designed to function as a spatial instrument for creative thought, seamlessly integrating immersive projections, AR/VR technologies, laser 3D scanning, and AI/machine learning. This integration allows for a fluid and interactive workflow between physical and digital interfaces, revolutionizing the way architects and designers conceptualize and realize their projects.