Constraints as Opportunities














Schools of architecture are a balancing act. There are many polyvalent dimensions that make up architecture. In particular, our school will focus on three areas: technology, environment and community.  

How will technology transform the practice of architecture? How can we reduce the carbon footprint of how we build? How can we design for hydro-generated urbanism? What role can design play in social justice? How do we design public space and affordable housing? How do we reveal biases in how histories are told? These are some of the questions which we will explore as a means to project possible futures for the discourse of architecture.  

Moving forward, the FAU School of Architecture will continue to contribute to the growing complexities associated with the cultural and technological project of architecture. The school will blend innovative research-based methods with professional practice conventions. We as a school and academic family of more than 1,000 alumni will continue to embrace pragmatic constraints as poetic design opportunities, while we tackle the most challenging problems of our time.

Joseph Choma, Director of the School of Architecture