Welcome to the School of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University


We are in an exciting and transformative time for the School of Architecture in terms of strategic initiatives, research and education. Our School is distinguished by its diversity of students and faculty and its unique location in an urban built environment that is a living laboratory for investigating the continental United States’ singular tropical climate zone.

Our faculty and students are committed to pursuing both how we design in a world of accelerated change, as well as how we fundamentally think about architecture and design. Architecture is a design discipline that shapes the human habitat which in turn shapes how we live, work and play, carrying an ethical responsibility that demands an attitude of mindfulness and reflection as we develop and apply design thinking.

In this setting, working with faculty or independently, students engage in design inquiry and applied research in areas as diverse as product design, transportation, urban redevelopment, neighborhood revitalization, and adaptation to sea-level rise.

The school also plays a strategic role for the university as a locus of community engagement. The MetroLAB, both a community design collaborative and a storefront exhibit and assembly space, is a hub for design activities and presentation of student and faculty work. Our Education Abroad programs have included field study to Germany, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, among other places, providing students with a global awareness that only international travel and engagement can provide. The School has hosted international conferences and visiting faculty, lecturers, and scholars from around the world. With a focus on both local and global issues, our faculty is engaged in cutting-edge research, and our graduates are successfully employed pursuing careers as licensed practitioners, designers, and professionals in Florida and around the world.

Essential to the strategic goals of the School and University are the expanding presence and vision by Florida Atlantic University administration to leverage co-existing design programs by repositioning them on the downtown Fort Lauderdale campus and establish a Center of Design Industries. This strategic expansion is identifying areas and finding synergies of natural alliance among the design disciplines while aligning with the University’s research focus on Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies.

The School provides a lower division program of design studies on the main campus at Boca Raton and a fully accredited Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program at our Fort Lauderdale campus. The B.Arch. program is unique as a three-year upper-division professional degree program. Entry to the limited enrollment program is highly competitive. Students may apply from FAU’s lower-division design program, with an associate degree from any qualified Florida college system architecture program, or by way of transfer from other universities.

We welcome you to the School of Architecture!