MPA students

Core Requirements


All MPA degree students must complete 42 semester hours of course work earning no grade below C (C- is not acceptable). A GPA of 3.0 or higher is needed to earn the MPA degree. All MPA students must complete the following 30-hour core curriculum.

Most courses are hybrid, meaning some classes may have an in-person (or Zoom) meeting, usually offered in the evening (Monday – Thursday) at the Boca Raton campus.


Curriculum Area and Core Courses

Introduction to Public Administration* PAD 6053*

Public Organization Theory 

Organizations and Administrative Behavior OR PAD 6106
Organizational Change & Public Management PAD 6154

Public Financial Management 

Seminar in Public Budgeting Techniques OR PAD 6227
Seminar in Public Financial Administration PAD 6207

Public Personnel 

Seminar in Public Personnel Administration OR PAD 6417
Labor Relations in Government PAD 6427

Public Policy 

Public Administration and Public Policy OR PAD 6036
Seminar in Administrative Policy Making PAD 6035

Analytical Techniques 

Applied Methods I** PAD 6701**

Analytical Methods 

Applied Methods II*** OR PAD 6706***
Program Review and Analysis*** PAD 6327***

Law and Procedures  

Administrative Law and Procedures OR PAD 6605
Regulation PAD 6612

Ethics and Democratic Values  

Administrative Ethics OR PAD 6436
Democratic Values and Public Administration PAD 6042

Capstone Seminar  

Capstone Seminar in Public Administration**** PAD 6139****

*This course must be taken within the first 12 semester hours of the student’s program.

** Undergraduate statistics is a prerequisite for Applied Methods 1.

*** Applied Methods 1 is the prerequisite for Applied Methods 2 and Program Review and Analysis.

**** The capstone course can be taken only by students who have been accepted into the MPA program. The course must be taken during the last semester of the student’s program, unless otherwise approved by the MPA coordinator and the capstone instructor.


Sample of Public Administration Elective Courses

The remaining 12 hours are electives. As part of the 12 hours, students who don’t have any public sector experience must complete a one-semester, 20-hour-per-week internship, while registered for the accompanying Government Internship course, PAD 6941. In the past few years, FAU MPA students have completed local government internships with city governments such as Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Village of Royal Palm Beach, and Wilton Manors. Some students complete non-profit internships, including internships with the Urban League and the Arthritis Foundation, and others completed internships at federal agencies such as the Smithsonian Institute and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Managerial Leadership in State and Local Government PAD 6063
Images of Pub Administration PAD 6065
Decision Making in the Public Sector PAD 6135
Financial Environment of Public Sector PAD 6230
Seminar in Policy Implementation PAD 6365
Public Policy Process PAD 6385
Survey Research in Public Sector PAD 6727
Local Government Administration PAD 6807
Intergovernmental Administration PAD 6826

For any questions regarding the Master of Public Administration degree program, please contact Dr. Robin Larson (Program Coordinator) at