Bachelor of Public Safety Administration


If you want to truly make a difference in the lives of your fellow citizens and the safety of your country, the Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration (BPSA) is for you. We have all become keenly aware of the rising frequency of threats from both man-made and natural disasters that include natural disasters such as Hurricanes Irma and Michael and the Camp fire in California, to terrorist attacks and events such as  September 11, 2001 in New York, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Orlando nightclub shooting.

That means a day-in-the-life of a Public Safety professional looks vastly different than it did even a few decades ago, which gives you virtually limitless opportunities to make a real impact. Here’s a quick look at the wide variety of Public Safety careers you could choose to pursue after graduation.

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About the BPSA Degree Program

The BPSA degree in the School of Public Administration is ideal for professionals and pre-professionals interested in police, fire, and disaster response practice and administration. The 18 core credit hours and 60 total credit hours provide:

  • a professional/ pre-professional degree program for students entering the fields of law enforcement, homeland security, and disaster response;
  • interested students a foundation for continuing in a professionally focused graduate program; and
  • an interdisciplinary degree that allows students to combine key areas from several disciplines to graduate with a pre-professional degree.

Graduating students from the program will have improved opportunities in the police, homeland security (airports, seaports, etc.), and disaster management fields throughout South Florida and the United States.


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BPSA Areas of Concentration

As a BPSA major, you will have the opportunity to choose from two different concentrations:

  • Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Disaster Management

You can also complete both concentrations depending on the free elective space available. Our Academic Advising Team can walk you through each option and help you decide which one is right for you.



Flexible BPSA Class Options


You can also choose between our fully online program, or a combination of some online and on-campus instruction. We want class times to work for you! Keep in mind that our online courses were included in the 2019 rankings from OnlineU - SR Education Group for Most Affordable Online Law Enforcement Degrees and Best Online Colleges Offering Bachelor's in Law Enforcement Degrees. We were also ranked 4th in the Top 10 Online Law Enforcement Programs by Criminal Justice Degree Hub, and we are ranked 7th of the Most Affordable Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degrees Online by


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this degree?
The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration is an undergraduate degree program for professionals and pre-professionals interested in police, fire, and disaster and emergency management practices and administration. Graduating students from the program will have improved opportunities in the police, homeland security (airports, seaports, etc.), and disaster management fields throughout South Florida and the United States.

Are there any prerequisites for this program?
No. The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration program is available to all students that meet the general admissions requirements of Florida Atlantic University.

What is the difference between public safety administration and criminal justice?
The major difference between the two majors is their scope and specificity. Public safety administration encompasses multiple disciplines and professions. Criminal justice is more specific to the criminal justice field and related professions.

Which concentration should I choose?
Your concentration choice depends upon your personal interest and your desired career path. For students interested in emergency, crisis, and disaster management, including fire response, and issues related to interagency communication and collaboration, we recommend the Disaster Management concentration. For students interested in law enforcement, terrorism-response, administrative application of the law and corrections, we recommended the Law Enforcement & Corrections concentration.

Can I take any criminal justice course for the Law Enforcement concentration?
No. There are a select number of Criminal Justice courses that are applicable to the Law Enforcement Specialization. Please see your Academic Advisor before registration so that you enroll in the correct courses.

Can I complete the Law Enforcement & Corrections concentration, and the Disaster Management concentration?
Yes. The School of Public Administration allows and encourages students to complete both concentrations. The ability to complete both concentrations depends entirely upon the free elective space available to students. Students must meet with their Academic Advisor to make sure a double concentration would not conflict with the FAU Timely Graduation Policy.

What is disaster and emergency management?
Disaster and emergency management is an administrative field that helps coordinate agency responses to disasters, emergencies, and crises.

Are all Public Safety Administration courses only offered online?
No. There are a select number of courses that can be taken in-person depending on the semester. The schedule is subject to change by the School of Public Administration.

Is an internship required?
While it is not required, we strongly encourage students with little-to-no professional experience to complete at least one internship while in school.

Is the Capstone Course required?
PAD4892/Capstone in Public Safety Administration is a core requirement. It is designed to be completed in a student’s senior year.

Is there a master’s degree offered in Public Administration?
Yes. We offer a Master in Public Administration as well as a Master in Non-Profit Management. Our Academic Advising Team can help you determine which graduate degree is right for you.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Next Steps to Becoming a BPSA Major

Please let us know how we can best assist you:

  • For any questions regarding the Bachelor of Public Safety Administration degree program, please contact Dr.  Cliff McCue   (BPSA Program Coordinator) at (561) 297-4152 or or
  • To speak with an Academic Advisor, please call (561)-297-3800. Already have an assigned advisor? Please log on to the Success Network/Starfish to make an appointment.
  • Ready to apply? Take a moment to review the FAU Admission Requirements, and then start your application today!