Association of Doctoral Students in Public Administration (ADSPA)

The Purpose of ADSPA:

The purposes of this organization are:

    1. To create a forum to address educational and career issues specific to doctoral students in Public Administration;
    2. To represent the concern of its members to the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
and to the University;
    3. To promote and enhance the quality and reputation of Florida Atlantic University’s College of Arts and Letters;
    4. To provide events and activities, which will assist members in pursuing career opportunities;
    5. To organize social events involving members, faculty, alumni and other students.

Current Officers:

Andrea Ramos – President
Albena Dzhurova – Vice President
Gorgin Mansourian – Vice President
Ryan Lofaro – Treasurer


Past Events:

Colloquium of 2022 – January 28th
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Spicer

Colloquium of 2021 – January 29th
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Sean McCandless

Colloquium of 2020 – February 7th
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Staci Zavattaro  

Colloquium of 2019 – March 29
Keynote Speaker – Dr. Camilla Stivers