Pursuing a Ph.D. can be a lonely experience at times. ADSPA is here to help!

ADSPA is a registered student organization managed by current Ph.D. students in Public Administration. The objectives of ADSPA are to brings Ph.D. students together in a friendly environment and to improve the graduate student experience. Through our annual Ph.D. Colloquium, ADSPA provides a forum for Ph.D. students to showcase their research efforts in front of an audience comprised of friends, family, and faculty members. We have been fortunate to have many highly respected scholars as past keynote speakers and this year is no exception.

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The Purpose of ADSPA

  1. To create a forum to address educational and career issues specific to doctoral students in Public Administration;
  2. To represent the concern of its members to the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters and to the University;
  3. To promote and enhance the quality and reputation of Florida Atlantic University’s College of Arts and Letters;
  4. To provide events and activities, which will assist members in pursuing career opportunities;
  5. To organize social events involving members, faculty, alumni and other students.

Current Officers

Name Position
Gorgin Mansourian President
Albena Dzhurova Vice President
Julia Soondar Vice President
Pedro Macedo De Lima Quinto Vice President
Jean-Claude Ndongo Treasurer
Andrea Ramos Communications and Marketing Director


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Past Events

Colloquium of 2023 – January 27th

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Thomas Birkland

Colloquium of 2022 – January 28th

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Spicer

Colloquium of 2021 – January 29th

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Sean McCandless

Colloquium of 2020 – February 7th

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Staci Zavattaro 

Colloquium of 2019 – March 29

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Camilla Stivers