Shermeen Yousif, Ph.D. 

                                        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
                                        School of Architecture
                                        (954) 762-5654


Dr. Shermeen Yousif is an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture FAU, focusing on building environmental technology and computational design systems. She is a member of ACSA, ACSF, IBPSA, ASHRAE, and computational design organizations, ACADIA and CAADRIA. Her diverse educational background and global experience in architecture has shaped her architectural philosophy and is reflected in her teaching, research and practice. In parallel to her doctoral research, at Texas A&M University, Yousif has been teaching design studios and seminar courses at the architecture program. Prior to that, she taught at the University of Duhok, and she co-founded a design practice in Duhok city. During her Master’s study in Germany, Yousif has worked for two architecture design firms, at HSH-Architekten in Berlin and ARC-Architekturconzept in Magdeburg.

Yousif’s interdisciplinary line of research is situated between parametric modeling, Building Information Modeling, building performance evaluation through energy simulation and daylight analysis, design optimization, and big-data and clustering methods. Working on her dissertation, titled “A K-Medoids-Based Shape Clustering Method and Its Applications in Generative Design and Optimization Systems”, Yousif has formulated two algorithmic plugins to perform shape difference analysis and clustering using K-Medoids. As an author of multiple publications, she has steered some key research projects over the last years, which have disseminated her work through conference presentations, publication, and funding opportunities.

At Texas A&M University, she received multiple awards, including the Unsung Hero award from the Office of Graduate and Professional Students (2018), the Jonathan King Memorial Student Award from the College of Architecture (2018), the CRS Center award (2017), Gracie J. and Paul M. Terrill, Jr. ’57 Endowed award (2017), TX Public Education Grant-Intl (2016-2018), the Department of Architecture Scholarship (2013-2014), in addition to other awards. Previous awards include the prestigious German Academic Exchange Service award to fund her Master’s degree in Germany (2007-2009), and the honorary award for her distinctive final project from the Architecture Exhibition of Graduation Projects, Rabat, Morocco (2007).

Yousif was educated at Texas A&M University (Ph.D. in Architecture), M. Arch. at the Dessau Institute of Architecture at the Bauhaus (Master of Architecture), and University of Baghdad (Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering).